Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of December 18, 2020

Artists to Watch

For the final time in 2020, Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are some of the artists and bands that are making noise in the recording industry.

Singer-songwriter Brittney Spencer delivers hope and showcases her potential in her debut EP: Compassion. (Album cover property of Common Exchange)

Compassion EP by Brittney Spencer

Brittney Spencer kickstarts the final edition of Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch of 2020! The Baltimore native turned Nashville transplant released her debut extended play: Compassion. My jaw dropped as I listened to Compassion. Brittney Spencer’s music blew me away. The lyrics are thought-provoking and hundreds of times better than playing on country music playlists and radio today. I hope that 2021 allows Brittney Spencer to shine because she will help add a layer of excellence to country music. A

Tracks to Download: “Compassion,” “Thoughts and Prayers,” “Sorrys Don’t Work No More,” & “Damn Right, You’re Wrong.”

Kidd G’s Teenage Dream showcases his potential in the music world. (Album cover property of Kidd G)

Teenage Dream EP by Kidd G 

With 132,000 YouTube subscribers and 730,000 TikTok followers, Kidd G is building a social media following in the country music industry. When I listened to Teenage Dream EP, I can With 132,000 YouTube subscribers and 730,000 TikTok followers, singer-songwriter Kidd G is building a following. When I first heard his Teenage Dream EP, I sensed that his sound is a combination of Florida Georgia Line and Machine Gun Kelly. While he needs to add a little polish with his vocals and songwriting, I believe that Kidd G has a shot at becoming a top country music influencer in his generation. B- 

Tracks to Download: “Teenage Dream,” “Small Town Girl,” &  “Down the Road.”

Bandits on the Run’s “It’s in a Dream!” is a beautiful track from start to finish. (Music video property of Bandits on the Run)

“It’s in a Dream!” by Bandits On The Run 

Brooklyn-based acoustic indie-pop trio Bandits On The Run released one more song for their fans. “It’s in a Dream” is a beautiful track that gave me chills. The trio (cellist Sydney Torin Shepherd, guitarist Adrian Blake Enscoe, and accordionist Regina Strayhorn) delivered an impeccable track that would lift their listeners’ spirits. A- 

Miles Wesley’s “Neighborhood” music video features model and social media influencer Sommer Ray. (Music video property of Miles Wesley)

“Neighborhood” by Miles Wesley

Rising singer Miles Wesley is making noise with his latest single: “Neighborhood.” It is a very catchy song from start-to-finish, and I believe that Miles has a bright future ahead of him. B+ 

Singer-songwriter Nick Vyner’s “mood swing” showcased his potential future in the music industry. (Music video property of Solo Brightest (Music video property of 10K Projects/Flighthouse)

“mood swing” by Nick Vyner

Houston, Texas native Nick Vyner is the last recording artist to get a grade from me in 2020! He released his debut single: “mood swing.” I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his lyrics, and I believe that there are big things ahead for him in 2021. B

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