Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of April 2, 2021

Artists to Watch

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are some of the artists and groups that will shake up the music industry.

Singer-songwriter Alyssa Jacey dropped her first live album! (Album cover property to Alyssa Jacey)

Alyssa Jacey Live! By Alyssa Jacey

Future Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast guest singer-songwriter Alyssa Jacey dropped her first live album: Alyssa Jacey Live! The entertainment entrepreneur recorded the album at the Argyros Performing Arts Center in Ketchum, Idaho. In her introduction track, Alyssa teased that throughout the record, she would be genre-hopping. Throughout Alyssa Jacey Live, Alyssa delivered an impressive combination of original tunes and cover songs. Also, Alyssa weaves through her life story in between tracks with insightful monologues. Alyssa Jacey Live! is a strong album, and I highly recommend this record. A-

Tracks to Download: “Heart Breathe,” “You Think You Know Somebody,” “Tennessee Whiskey,” “Our Love,”  & “Stand By Me.”

Benn Good sung about his last birthday before the COVID-19 pandemic. (Music video property of Blacksmith Recordings)

“It’s My Birthday” by Benn Good

Benn Good is a rising star in the music industry. Kanye West signed him to his Very GOOD Beats label, and Benn already collaborated with Ciara, John Legend, SZA, and the “Love Lockdown” rapper himself. “It’s My Birthday” is a superbly produced and written track that showcases Benn Good’s thoughts on his birthday. Little did he know that the COVID-19 pandemic would rock his world. I am looking forward to seeing what he does next! B+ 

“Not Alone” by DRMAGDN

Future Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast guest and internationally renowned drummer DRMAGDN released his latest single: “Not Alone.” The song features an all-star line-up including Velvet Revolver’s Jeremy O’Shea, Matchbox 20’s Matt Beck, Capital Cities’ Spencer Ludwig, and American Authors’ Dave Rublin. “Not Alone” is an uplifting track that would put a smile on your face and will make you smile. 

“Black and White” by Eleni C 

After opening up for former America’s Got Talent: The Champions judge Alesha Dixon and Little Mix, Eleni C gains a following with her superb vocals. The rising UK-based pop star dropped her latest single: “Black and White.” The track has an excellent calypso meets Reggaeton vibe that would satisfy music lovers missing dancing in the club. B+ 

Mad Hatter’s Daughter’s “Diggin’ in the Dirt” is a great alternative pop tune. (Music video property of Urban Acoustics)

“Diggin’ in the Dirt” by The Mad Hatter’s Daughter 

The Mad Hatter’s Daughter is one international act that you need to check out. Lead singer Kira Alicia and guitarist Buzz T.Isles make up the duo. They dropped their latest single: “Diggin’ in the Dirt,” and it is a fabulous jam. Kira Alicia has fantastic vocals, and I loved Buzz T.Isles’ guitar licks. “Diggin’ in the Dirt” is an incredible song that should be on streaming playlists worldwide. A

Nova Rose’s “G.L.I.T.R.” is an impeccable EDM pop tune. (Music video property of Warner Media Canada)

“G.L.I.T.R.” by Nova Rose

Montreal native Nova Rose rounds out this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. She released her latest single: “G.L.I.T.R.” The song is a superb blend of EDM pop, and Nova Rose’s vocals are hypnotic, which will capture listeners’ attention. B+/A- 

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