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The Love of Everything: Wave One by John Mayer

It has been nearly four years since John Mayer released his 2013 album: Paradise Valley. After collaborating with Barbra Streisand, Dead & Company, and Ed Sheeran, the “Waiting on The World to Change” singer-songwriter has released the first wave of singles from his upcoming tenth studio album: The Love of Everything. This set of songs combines numerous musical elements together such as R&B, bluegrass, piano rock, and acoustic rock and it is showcased throughout the four songs. Lyrically, Mr. Mayer comes off more mature than the Lady Killer image that the tabloid press labeled him for years.  “Changing” and “Love on the Weekend” are reliable indicators that The Love of Everything era might be the most promising of career introspective that he has done in years. B+

Tracks to Download: “Changing,” “Love on the Weekend,” & “Moving On & Getting Over.”


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A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat by Train

During the early 2010s, Train has had excellent success with 2012’s California 37 and 2014’s Bulletproof Picasso. Sadly, for those two albums, the pop rock band released abysmal albums: 2015’s Christmas in Tahoe and the horrendous 2016 cover album: Train Does Led Zeppelin II. For their eighth studio album: A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat, the band rebounds from their decline with big tunes. Amongst the standout songs included a superb rock anthem such as “Working Girl,” a calypso-based “Lottery,” and the catchy “Play That Song,” which many listeners have correctly picked out that the group sampled the classic piano ballad: “Heart & Soul.” Frontman Pat Monahan had a hand in writing a bulk of the album’s tracks. Thanks to some of his talented co-writers such as Butch Walker, Greg Kurstin, Eg White, and the Espionage production team, they altered Train’s downward spiral. While it is not as catchy as California 37, A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat is a strong album that will satisfy the Train fan base. B+

Tracks to Download: “Drink Up,” “Play That Song,” “Lottery,” & “Working Girl.”

You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum is back! After taking a brief hiatus, Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood are about to release their seventh studio album: Heart Break. While the album is expected to drop sometime early summer, the trio released their first single off the record: “You Look Good.” While many listeners might see have hesitations with the title of the single being a pick-up line, the trio delivers a superb interpretation of Ms. Scott’s lyrics that she co-wrote with Ryan Hurd and busbee.  “You Look Good” is a good blend of country with a funky twist and I believe that Lady Antebellum might be one group to look out for this year. B+/A-

Old Time Rock & Roll” by Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is lending his legendary voice to some of the cinema world’s greatest songs. Mr. Bolton and his team picked some excellent tracks that have elevated classic films such as The Big Chill, The Bodyguard, and The Wizard of Oz. One song that might attract music lovers to the album is Mr. Bolton’s cover of Risky Business’ signature anthem: “Old Time Rock & Roll.” While Mr. Bolton’s vocals have matured over the years, he scored a touchdown with this superb cover. I am looking forward to hearing more from him in March when his album is tentatively scheduled to drop. B+

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This is the Moment” by Collabro

When I went to my cousins’ high school graduation from Blue Valley North in Overland Park, Kansas, the combined chorale and chamber singers sang “This is the Moment” from Jekyll & Hyde. I was bored when the choir sang it because it lacked the conviction in their voices. Ten years later, friends to Jake’s Take, Collabro, recorded the song for their highly anticipated third studio album: Home. The guys’ spectacular cover of this tune has made me enjoy the song and appreciate its message as an adult. The quartet continues to prove that their harmonies are more impeccable and splendid than any of their contemporaries. I am looking forward to hearing their new album this March.  Congrats, Thomas, Matt, Jamie, and Michael, “This is The Moment” is my Song of the Week! A+

Pick Yourself Up” by Lunch Ladies

Jake’s Take prides itself on being a blog that introduces rising artists to its readers. This week, I have four artists that I am introducing to you, my fabulous readers. Up first is central New Jersey-based band: Lunch Ladies. Comprised of Matt Whitley (vocals & guitar), Cynthia Rittenbach (vocals & bass), Matt Ramiz (vocals & guitar), and Peter Gargano (drums), this quartet is looking to breathe new life into the Indie Rock scene. Cynthia’s vocals remind me a little bit of Florence Welch with a little ounce of Brittany Howard’s powerful presence.  Meanwhile, Peter G’s excellent drumming perfectly guides the group as they shred through their latest single.  I expect big things from them, and hopefully, they will be taking the East Coast by storm this year. A-


Kendra Black The Edge

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Rude” by Kendra Black

Kendra Black may be 2017’s most interesting in-your-face singer/rapper. The New York City transplant has a take-no-prisoners attitude in her single, “Rude,” which has shades of “Fancy” and “Tik Tok.” While the lyrics may be provocative, Kendra Black may have the edge that she needs to have when it comes to the cutthroat world of the music industry. I am looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for us when her debut album, The Edge, drops on March 10. B

Wires” by Kovic

There are numerous combinations of musical genres that an artist can use to create their sound. UK based band Kovic combined rock and EDM together for a brilliant first single: “Wires.” This song is a great arena anthem, and if you are not getting chills during the listening process, then you might be having a bad day. I honestly believe that Kovic has the potential, to not just a great UK band, but also have a presence in the international music market. B+


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Bride” by San Fermin

Rounding out this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews is San Fermin. This Brooklyn, New York-based octet has a refreshing new sound that is extremely pleasant to the ears. “Bride” is the group’s second single off the group’s forthcoming album: Belong. Written by the group’s songwriter and bandleader, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, “Bride” transports its listeners inside the mind of the beautiful bride who is about to say her wedding vows. Time Magazine called this song, “one of the best five songs you need to hear this week.” I am going to go one step further and call “Bride” one of the best tracks of January 2017! Good luck, San Fermin, I have a strong feeling that this group is ready to explode onto Top 40 Radio. A

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