Jake’s Take’s Favorite “America’s Got Talent: Season 13” Acts

Here are the acts that “Jake’s Take” will be cheering on during the “AGT” Season 13 Live Shows. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

On Tuesday, August 14, America’s Got Talent: Season 13 finally goes live!

The Top 36 acts will take the Dolby Theatre stage in the hope that their talents are enough to join Terry Fator, Kenichi Ebina, Mat Franco, Grace VanderWaal, and Darci Lynne Farmer in the NBC talent competition’s winner’s circle.

Jake’s Take has selected the acts that you should not only keep your eye on during the Live Shows but also could win this season!

Aaron Crow (Danger/Magic)

Aaron Crow is a hybrid of two of AGT’s best acts, danger and magic. He delivered impeccable routines that had the audience at the edge of their seats. Plus, Aaron almost injured Howie, Heidi, and Judges’ Cuts guest Ken Jeong during his two performances, which also added the necessary drama to the show. if Aaron continues to deliver outstanding performances once the live shows start, he would be a solid candidate to become the first danger act to win this series.


Angel City Chorale America's Got Talent

Angel City Chorale is definitely the best choir that “America’s Got Talent” has ever had! (Screenshot property of NBC)

Angel City Chorale (Choir-Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer)

Angel City Chorale made an impact when they auditioned with Toto’s “Africa” and when they performed “Baba Yetu” during the Judge Cuts.  I got chills when the massive choir under the direction of Sue Fink delivered one-of-a-kind performances that received standing ovations from the judges and the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Olivia Munn.  In all of my years watching AGT, I have never seen a choir not only has the determination to win this show, but delivers an inspirational message of hope that the entire country can get behind.


Christina Wells America's Got Talent

Christina Wells is an impeccable performer with a bright future! (Screenshot property of NBC)

Christina Wells (Singer)

Christina Wells blew audiences away with her spectacular covers of Hairspray’s “I Know Where I’ve Been” and The Greatest Showman’s “Never Enough” at both the Judges’ Auditions and Judges’ Cut rounds. Both performances were showstoppers and I think by the end of this season, she could join the ranks of Season Four runner-up Barbara Padilla, Season Nine runner-up Emily West, and Season 10 semifinalist Sharon Irving as one of the best female vocalists to have appear on the show.

Courtney Hadwin (Singer-Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer)

While I am unhappy with the judges’ decision of giving preteens Golden Buzzers, I believe that Howie Mandel found gold in the form of Courtney Hadwin. Her once-in-a-generation voice not only makes her a strong contender to deliver outstanding show stoppers, but it might also lead her to the Season 13 finale.  If she does win, Courtney could go either the Camilla Cabello and Jordan Smith route or down the Bianca Ryan and Jesse Kinch road.

Da RepubliK (Dance Troupe)

In all honesty, Da RepubliK is this season’s dark horse in the dance category.  While competitors Junior Dance System and UDI have innovation behind them, the Dominican Republic natives leave their hearts and souls on the stage every round. Just like the Jabbawockeez, I truly believe that this group could conquer Vegas once this season is over!


Flau'Jae America's Got Talent

Flau’Jae has a bright future!(Photo property of NBC)

Flau’jae (Rapper-Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer)

The only other young performer that gets Jake’s Take’s blessing this season is 14-year-old rapper Flau’jae.   This Savannah, Georgia native’s material is on fire and every time she performs, Flau’jae tugs at the AGT audience’s heartstrings. Also, Flau’jae has material that could dominate iTunes and Spotify charts.  Plus, I strongly believe that her deceased father is smiling down on her from heaven.

Glennis Grace (Singer)

Glennis Grace blew me away every single time she appeared this season! She tackled monstrous songs, Whitney Houston’s “Run To You” and Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” with ease. With impeccable vocalists such as Adele, Sam Smith, and Sia finding success in the music industry, Glennis has picked the perfect time to audition for AGT, and she could see herself in the finals.

Junior New System (Dance Troupe)

Junior New System is one of Season 13’s most influential dance acts! While the Philippines-based dance group was robbed of a Golden Buzzer in both the first auditions round and the Judge Cuts, the Asia’s Got Talent alums’ fancy footwork have made both the judges and audiences roar with delight. The high-heeled dancers could be strong contenders to make it to the Season 13 finale.

Samuel J. Comroe (Comedian)

I am actively supporting 30-year-old stand-up comedian Samuel J. Comroe throughout this competition.  His fresh material makes me laugh, and he won me over with how he incorporated his Tourettes’ Syndrome diagnosis into his routine. No matter if he wins or loses, Samuel does have a secure future in the comedy world.


Shim Lim Magic

Shim Lim’s close-up magic could put “AGT” viewers under his spell (Screenshot property of NBC)

Shim Lim (Magician)

Shim Lim created some of the best close-up magic that I have ever seen on America’s Got Talent. My jaw dropped during his first audition and Judge Cuts performances. It has been a few years since the NBC talent competition crowned a magician the champion of the series. Lim could be a very strong candidate to inherit Season Nine winner Mat Franco’s crown and stash.

UDI Dance (Blacklight Dance Group)

The only competition that both Da Republik and Junior Dance System might face in the dance category is UDI Dance. I loved every performance so far from the Tomsk, Russia-based dance group and they step up their performance every single time.  This group could be this season’s dark horse to make it to the finale.

Vicki Barbolak will definitely have a future in the comedy world once “AGT” is done! (Screenshot property of NBC)

Vicki Barbolak (Comedian)

Vicki Barbolak is the second comedian still standing! She has epic material that never fails to make me laugh. I really hope that she makes it far this competition, because we need more comedians like Vicki in the entertainment industry.

We Three (Band)

Joshua, Manny, and Bethany Humile made a massive impact on the show with their original songs: “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away” and “Lifeline.” Their beautiful harmonies and fantastic arrangements gave me chills. I love their original music, but I would like to see them step outside their comfort zone and perform at least one cover song during the live shows. I think that Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” Gloria Estefan and *NSYNC’s “Music of the Heart,” and David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium” would be great songs for them to cover.


Zurcaroh AGT

Keep an eye on Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer act-Zurcaroh. (Screenshot property of NBC)

Zurcaroh (Acrobatics-Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer)

Tyra Banks is two-for-two when it comes for Golden Buzzer picks! The Austria-based acrobatic group earned the America’s Next Top Model creator’s praise after their impeccable routine that blew the judges and the Pasadena Civic Center audience away. I really hope that the troupe’s choreographer, Peterson da Cruz Hora, really steps up the group’s choreography because I could see them run straight to the Season 13 finale.

Do you agree with my picks? Which “AGT” act(s) are you cheering for to win the $1,000,000 prize?


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