Jake’s Take’s Favorite ‘AGT: Season 15’ Acts

AGT Season 15 On-Air Team
Here are the acts that will continue to impress Howie, Heidi, Terry, Sofia, and Simon on the America’s Got Talent: Season 15 live shows. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 15 has turned into one of the show’s most unpredictable seasons yet. Now, we are heading into the Season 15 live shows!

For the past two seasons, I have named my favorite acts that received the Jake’s Take seal of approval. Here are the Season 15 acts that I believe could join Terry Fator, Mat Franco, Grace VanderWaal, Shin Lim, and Kodi Lee in the winners’ circle.

Alan Silva could soar through this season’s competition with fans’ support. (Video property of NBC)

Alan Silva (Aerialist) 

Alan Silva delivered one of the best aerial auditions that I have seen over the past few seasons. I got chills when he soared across the Pasadena Civic Center stage, and his gymnastics skills are impeccable. I am looking forward to seeing what Alan brings to the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage.

Archie Williams’ powerful interpretation of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” sent chills down by spine. (Video property of NBC)

Archie Williams (Singer)

As of publication, Archie Williams’ once-in-a-lifetime audition has been seen on YouTube over 9.3 million times. The wrongfully incarcerated singer’s powerful interpretation of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” moved fans worldwide. The Advocate reported that even Sir Elton John himself called him to congratulate. I hope that Archie uses this opportunity to rebuild his life through a music career. 

BAD Salsa’s quicksilver routines could be part of the Season 15 highlight reel. (Video property of NBC)

BAD Salsa (Salsa Duo) 

India’s Got Talent winners BAD Salsa won me over after their debut on the 2019 inaugural audition of Britain’s Got Talent: The ChampionsI was thrilled to see them walk onto the Pasadena Civic Center auditorium stage. The dance duo delivered one of the best dance auditions of the season. I believe that the group just hit the tip of the iceberg.

BONAVEGA made a huge impact on AGT: Season 15 with his impeccable first audition. (Video property of NBC)

BONAVEGA (Singer) 

The Toledo, Ohio native turned Los Angeles transplant blew me away with his wild audition. My jaw dropped when I saw him in a Tina Turner-esque dress and when he showcased his Adam Lambert-like vocals, I became an instant fan! Like over-the-top performers such as Hans and Prince Poppycock before him, BONAVEGA will impact this season and the Got Talent franchise.  

Brett Loudermilk’s sword-swallowing could raise the stakes of the AGT: Season 15 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)

Brett Loudermilk (Sword Swallower) 

Brett Loudermilk had the craziest and one of the most memorable auditions this season. His verbal exchanges with Sofia was comedic gold. I hope that he has the opportunity to do it with Heidi at the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage.  

Singer-songwriter Celina Graves delivered a stunning performance of Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy” during the AGT: Season 15 auditions. (Video property of NBC)

Celina Graves (Singer) 

The casino security guard broke made her national television debut on the Pasadena Civic Center stage. I loved her lower vocal register on Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy.” Celina gave me chills, and if she continues to pick the right songs, she will continue to soar.

Cristina Rae had the best Golden Buzzer audition this season and could be a top contender to win! (Video property of NBC)

Cristina Rae (Singer-Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer) 

Cristina Rae had the best Golden Buzzer audition this season! I fell in love with her when she sang “In The Air Tonight,” but when Cristina sang “Gimme Shelter,” she instantly joined AGT’s pantheon of amazing female vocalists (Barbara Padilla, Alice Tan Ridley, Emily West, Sharon Irving, Glennis Grace, Christina Wells, and Carmen Carter). If Cristina delivers more dynamic performances, she could be one of the last acts standing. 

The Divas & Drummers of Compton could be Season 15 fan favorites with their high energy performances. (Video property of NBC)

Divas & Drummers of Compton (Dance & Percussion Group) 

I love seeing acts that infuse dance and percussion together. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the Divas & Drummers of Compton’s judge auditions. I felt like I was watching a superb halftime show. Their synchronization and routines will blow the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage’s roof off!

Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin has the potential to become the first danger act to win AGT. (Video property of NBC)

Jonathan Goodwin (Daredevil)

After scaring audiences on Britain’s Got Talent: Series 13, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin auditioned for AGT’s fifteenth anniversary season online. He was called back for the Judges Cuts round, and he did not disappoint. The biggest challenge that Jonathan faces going forward is now is how he is going to execute three of his far scarier stunts live. 

Lightwave Theatre Company’s powerful puppetry could help them win the $1,000,000 prize! (Video property of NBC)

Lightwave Theatre Company (Puppeteers)

Romania’s Got Talent alums captured the hearts of the nation with its life-size puppetry and storytelling. In all honesty, they should have received Howie’s Golden Buzzer. I see Lightwave Theatre Company as Las Vegas headliners and selling out venues like Radio City Music Hall and the Dolby Theatre.

Drummer Malik Dope could be a contender to be one of the last acts standing in the Season 15 finale. (Video property of NBC)

Malik Dope (Drummer) 

AGT has had drummers audition for the show before but as a part of groups. What makes Malik Dope unique is that he commands the stage with his impeccable talent. His first audition set the standard for solo musicians for seasons to come. I cannot wait to see what he does during the AGT: Season 15 live shows. 

Max Major’s connection with Simon helped him deliver a spot in the Season 15 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)

Max Major (Magician/Mentalist) 

When I saw Max Major audition earlier this year during one of the AGT at Home segments, I was blown away with his performance. During the Season 15 Judge Cuts, Max joined Jake’s Take friends, The Clairvoyants and Oz Pearlman, in the elusive “Magic Acts that gave me chills” club. Shockingly, Max is the only magic act still standing, but I believe that he could be a significant player in the Season 15 finals. 

Wendy Williams regular Michael Yo’s material will win over fans during the Season 15 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)

Michael Yo (Comedian)

As a devoted Wendy Williams watcher, I was thrilled to see show regular Michael Yo walk onto the Pasadena Civic Center stage. The celebrity interviewer took a risk and decided to showcase his comedic chops. Michael Yo filled the entire auditorium with his personality and sleek material. I hope that Michael continues to deliver superb content during the Season 15 live shows. 

Resound’s angelic vocal harmonies make them a force during the Season 15 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)

Resound (Vocal Trio)

Friends Jessica, Joseph, and Mariah took a significant risk to quit their jobs and audition for AGT. When I first heard Joseph sing, I thought that he had “Luther Vandross” vocals. Both girls’ voices were the equivalent of honey sticks. However, their angelic harmonies make them a force in this competition.  Like Linkin Bridge and Voices of Service, I could see Resound competing in the finals.

Shaquira McGrath’s stunning cover of “Wake Me Up” earned her a spot on the Season 15 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)

Shaquira McGrath (Singer) 

I am thoroughly impressed with the Atlanta Braves server’s journey so far. Shaquira showcased that no matter what song she tackled like Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” and Avicii & Aloe Blacc’s “Wake Me Up,” she can pull at fans heartstrings. I hope that Simon or other music producers sign her to a recording deal once AGT wraps up. 

Voice Australia standout Sheldon Riley will blow AGT fans way with his outstanding vocal performances during the Season 15 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)

Sheldon Riley (Singer) 

Over the past two years, I have seen vocalist Sheldon Riley blossom as a vocalist on two seasons of The Voice Australia. Under both Boy George and Delta Goodrem’s tutelage, he soared as an artist. Like his fellow Voice Australia alum, Jack Vidgen, he made his way onto America’s Got Talent.  His powerful vocals on Billie Eilish’s “idontwannbeyouanymore” blew Simon, Sofia, and Howie away. I hope that with all of these talented vocalists that Sheldon is not lost in the shuffle. 

Impressionist Vincent Marcus could be one of the Season 15 finale headliners if he continues to deliver outstanding sets. (Video property of NBC)

Vincent Marcus (Impressionist) 

Last year, Greg Morton broke down barriers with his masterful impressions. Greg’s success led to other impressionists to audition for the show. This year, Vincent Marcus had the Pasadena Civic Center auditorium audience on their feet with his impressive takes on Eminem, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg. If the social media personality plays his cards right, he could be one of the season 15 finale headliners. 

Voices of our City Choir will inspire the country with their performances. (Video property of NBC)

Voices of our City Choir (Choir-Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer)

Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer act rounds out my picks to win America’s Got Talent: Season 15. The San Diego-based choir helps people experiencing homelessness find their voices. I got goosebumps when the group sang their original tune: “Sounds of the Street.” Voices of our City Choir can inspire the country, and I cannot wait to see them perform live at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Next Tuesday, AGT: Season 15 Live Shows begin! Plus, the letter grades return!!

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