Jake’s Take’s Podcast: Ginevra Gentili

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a pleasure to welcome United Kingdom-based film director and producer Ginevra Gentili to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast

Ginevra is a British-Italian film director who has a cinematography and photography background. She has been directing films since her early twenties and runs North Harley Films, an independent production company. The team specializes in producing content that is visually striking and intimately connects with audiences. The North Harley Films team has created music documentaries, live music sessions, and brand films.

Some of the work that Ginevra and her team worked on several films, including Written Apology (2014), White Lies (2015), A Positive Person (2018), and Martin (2020). They have also helped several recording artists showcase their visions, including Eivør, Ella Morgan, Jess Thristan, and Sohodolls. Sony Music, Carnival Films, and Netflix hired North Harley Films to create a series of online promotions about Netflix’s The Last Kingdom. The North Harley Films creators spoke with The Last Kingdom composer John Lunn and recording artist Eivør, who recorded music at his house in London, England. 

Ginevra won two awards for her work, including the 2020 Indie Short Fest’s Best Original Screenplay and the 2021 Independent Short Annual Awards’ Best Female Director for Tell Tales Signs. She was also nominated for two awards (Best Director and Best Short Film) at the 2020 Unrestricted View Film Festival. 

In this edition of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Ginevra Gentili spoke about the pre-production process of Souls Divided (Anime Divse). She also spoke about her latest short film: Borrowed Time.

To learn more about North Harley Films, visit their website.

For more information about Ginevra Gentili, visit her website.

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