Jake’s Take Podcast: ‘Big Brother’ alum & author Dr. Michele Ross

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Michele (Noonan) Ross, Ph.D., MBA to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast. 

America was introduced to Dr. Ross when she went into the Big Brother 11 house. She also has the distinction of being the first scientist to ever participate in the long-running CBS Reality TV summer competition. Throughout her 66 days inside the house, Michele won one Head of Household competition, three Vetos, $2,563, and a TV package. Since leaving the Big Brother house, Dr. Ross has become an expert in plant medicine and appeared on various media platforms, including The Doctors, Forbes, the Ricki Lake Show, and Vice. 

Throughout her career, she published three books: Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency, Train Your Brain to Get Thin, and CBD Oil for Health: 100 Amazing Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil.  Dr. Ross also published two journals: The Cannabis Dosing Journal and Journal Yourself to Health: Break Free from Pain. 

Dr. Ross also helps her clients heal emotional and physical pain with cannabis, mushrooms, and mindset through health coaching. As a business consultant, she also helps brands in the cannabis, wellness, and tech spaces grow as advisory board members or strategic partners.

In this episode of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Dr. Ross opened up about her Big Brother 11 experience, how she launched Fibro University, and her thoughts on the show’s twenty-second season: Big Brother All-Stars 2. 

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