Jake’s Take Podcast: Actor-Producer Noah Baron

It is a pleasure to welcome actor and producer Noah Baron to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast. 

In 2010, the Cambridge, Massachusetts native moved to Los Angeles after graduating from American University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in theatre and broadcast journalism to pursue an acting career. He trained in improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade and in the Actors Studio’s scene study program. However, he found a home with the Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio, where he worked up the ranks and became its COO earlier this year.

Since he arrived in Los Angeles, he received co-starring roles on several television productions, including The Flip Side, Legion, The Middle, and To Tell The Truth. He also starred in several films such as the Lauren Campi-directed Head Games, Chelsea Javier-directed Smile or Hug, and the Coen Brothers-directed Hail, Caesar! 

Noah Baron got social media talking with some of his fantastic content that included skits and parodies of Guess Who and Stranger Things. However, he went viral when he was part of a fan-made Captain Planet movie trailer that accumulated over 14 million YouTube views. Noah’s content has been viewed 21 million times on YouTube and over 100 million times on Facebook. Recently, he also made a six-episode mini-series called Life After Power Rangers, which showcased Tommy Oliver (Noah Baron) adjusting to life when the missions are over.

In this edition of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Noah talked about sharing a scene with Josh Brolin and Scarlet Johansson during Hail, Caesar! Plus, he also revealed how he got Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers actors David Yost and Walter Jones to participate in the filming of the online mini-series.

For more information about Noah Baron, visit his website.

You can connect with Noah on social media. Visit his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube channels.  

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