Jake’s Take On…Six ways “AGT” can improve its 10th Season

As the judges prepare for Judgment Week, here are six ways to improve "AGT" for their tenth season! (Photo property of NBC)

As the judges prepare for Judgment Week, here are six ways to improve “AGT” for their tenth season! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

For the second time this season, America’s Got Talent has shown a repeat, tonight it was the “Road to Radio City” episode…which recaps the audition!

Longtime fans went onto social media to vent their frustrations about not seeing the “Bootcamp” rounds!

Now that AGT is renewed for its tenth season, here are some suggestions that the show’s PTB (Powers-That-Be) should do to improve for the tenth anniversary season!

Go back to two nights!

In all honesty, the show’s tempo has slowed down so much! A lot of viewers wished that the auditions would go quicker and by returning to two nights, we would get to Radio City Music Hall sooner.


Sharon Osbourne AGT

Lots of  “AGT” viewers miss Mrs. O! While Sharon stated that she missed the show, she might be tired of judging singing competitions. (Photo property of NBC’s Stephen Brashear)

Bring back Mrs. O

Several fans have expressed on multiple media platforms including Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide that they miss The Talk co-host (and the show’s heart for six seasons) on the panel. While the winning X Factor UK judge stated that she is done with Reality TV competitions and left the show on bad circumstances, fans hope that Sharon Osbourne comes back. If Mrs. O returns, she could be part of a new element that would add excitement to the show!

Guest judges

All four judges have other professional activities going on outside the show! Currently, Howard and Mel B. are the busiest of the quartet with two satellite radio channels and two international TV shows respectively (X Factor UK and The Voice Kids Australia). If Howard or Mel B’s schedules are packed, it would be interesting to see Reality TV veterans Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Paula Abdul, Mia Michaels, Adam Shankman, L.A. Reid or even talent from Last Comic Standing and The Voice assist with the audition or Live Show process.

Viva Las Vegas

Sin City has played a crucial role in the show’s history! Contestants evolved from amateurs to superstars during this round. While the show stayed in New York for its Bootcamp, they should return for Vegas for a giant judgment round (and possibly the finals). If the show returns to Sin City next season, they might want to ask the Boss for help!


Simon Cowell Amanda Holden BGT

Simon Cowell jokes around with Amanda Holden during a “BGT” taping.  Can he have the same rapport with the “America’s Got Talent” judges? (Photo property of ITV)

Cowell in the House

The X Factor creator established the show in 2006! Unlike AGT’s sister show, Britain’s Got Talent, Cowell did not appear on-screen due to his long contract with FOX. Now with X Factor USA gone, it would be very interesting to see Simon interact with the judges, make the crucial cuts and (possibly) judge a Live Show.

Improve the Golden Buzzer

AGT introduced a new element to the series: the Golden Buzzer. However, the Golden Buzzer was used twice in the Auditions (Howard with Dustin’s Dojo & Howie with the Hudson Brothers) and the ladies have not used it yet! If they want to reuse the Golden Buzzer again next season, they need to follow the examples set by both BGT’s Simon and Amanda Holden.

Next week, the Judgment Rounds (FINALLY) begin!


  1. Scott Rahner says

    No way producers would ever want guest judges or Sharon O back to AGT. Guest judges just do not fit AGT’s format.

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