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Movie Trip TV host Theresa O'Leary

“Movie Trip TV” host Theresa O’Leary will take viewers around the world as visits the filming locations of viewers’ favorite films. (Photos property of Theresa O’Leary & “Movie Trip TV”)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Attention travel lovers and film aficionados! There is a new TV show that is starting to gain major buzz!

Movie Trip TV is the brainchild of television host Theresa O’Leary, which will unite both travel junkies and movie fanatics, as the show will bring the audience’s favorite scenes to life by traveling to film locations around the world.

“The idea popped into my head when I was with my mom and sister and I wanted to re-create the dance that Sandra Bullock did in The Proposal.” said Theresa O’Leary. “While the film was not shot in Alaska, just being able to connect the movie with our trip at the exact same time, lead to the foundation of trying out a television show that combines my two loves: movies and traveling together.”

The first person that O’Leary told about her new venture was FOX 4 News Film Critic and producer Shawn Edwards, who immediately signed on board to help her vision.

“ When she told me about her idea in August 2014, my jaw dropped! I thought her idea was perfect and I could definitely relate to it,” said Shawn Edwards. “I thought that we could toss this idea out of the park.”

While it might sound like that Movie Trip TV might face some stiff competition in the entertainment show category from E News Live, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, the duo were crystal clear that they are not another tabloid-based show.

“What really sets Movie Trip TV apart from other entertainment shows is that it is really a travel show.” O’Leary stated.

Edwards also added that while shows like ET and E News Live focus on the tabloid aspect of the stars that are in films. “Movie Trip TV will tell you how to transform your experience into a really cool vacation!”

For their first act, the Movie Trip TV crew brought the magic of the Sundance Film Festival to Kansas City with the debut of the highly anticipated film: Dope. Pharrell Williams and Sean Combs-executive produced coming-of-age dramedy that focuses on the misadventures of Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his friends as they find themselves in a sticky situation involving the drug and gang culture of Englewood, California.

Dope is a great example of how we are going to take a movie and feature those locations.” Edwards said. “It is also a way to tell people that Movie Trip TV is going to be Dope!”

Movie Trip TV has launched a giant social media campaign that will allow their viewers the opportunity to win tickets to their the hottest films of the year!

“Social media is so crucial for us, because it sets the first tone of our credibility.” Edwards stated. “Not only did we use social media to announce about the upcoming television show, but also gave us the chance to connect with our audience!”

In addition to the interaction of social media, O’Leary hopes that Movie Trip TV would inspire its audience to create one amazing trip.

“You can go to the Great Wall of China, which is already going to be an astonishing highlight, but, in my head, I am thinking about Mulan during my visit.” O’Leary stated. “By connecting the Disney film to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, makes it so much more of an exciting and memorable experience.”

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