JT’s New Music Reviews: Week of April 22, 2022

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are some of the recording artists that are going to take the music world by storm!

Alec Benjamin’s (Un)Commentary could be a game changer for the alternative pop music genre. (Album cover property of Elektra Records)

(Un)Commentary by Alec Benjamin 

Alternative pop recording artist Alec Benjamin just dropped his sophomore album, (Un)Commentary, on Elektra Records. The “Let Me Down Slowly” singer-songwriter has been featured in numerous press outlets such as American Songwriter and People. Throughout the album, I felt like the first time I had listened to both AJ Mitchell and Owl City. Like both recording artists, I believe Alec has a niche and audience. I am looking forward to seeing what he does next. B+ 

Tracks to Download: “Hammers,” “Nuance,” “Shadow of Mine,” & “Hill I Will Die On.”

“Memories” by Conan Gray

Republic Records recording artist and Generation Z pop star Conan Gray’s music caught the attention of GQ and Vogue, plus he made his Coachella debut all in a span of a few years. He will drop his latest album, Superache, on June 24. His latest single, “Memories,” is an outstanding song from start to finish. This song does have the potential to be one of 2022’s defining songs. 


Motown Records artist ELHAE’s R&B sound caught the attention of Billboard, The Source, and Vibe. The Coachella alum dropped his latest single: “FYF.” While I was not a fan of the whisper-built-up, ELHAE redeemed himself thanks to the catchy production elements such as the slick drop beats and superb lyrics. 

“Re-Up” by Ez Mil 

Filipino-American musician Ez Mil’s “Re-Up” made my jaw drop delightfully. His fiery delivery blew me away as it has shades of Kendrick Lamar. If “Re-Up” is any indication, Ez Mil could become one of 2022’s breakout recording artists. A

“Lately” by Kailaya 

Los Angeles native Kailaya delivered a fantastic debut single: “Lately.” The song’s guitar licks and soulful voice showcase her potential in the Top 40 music world. R&B music fans would have this song on repeat for a while. I cannot wait to hear what she does next. A- 

“Better Now” by Rose Brokenshire 

Rose Brokenshire rounds out this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews! She could be one of the new faces of cinematic pop. As I listened to “Better Now,” Rose’s hypnotic voice captivated me throughout the three-minute and 39-seconds runtime. This soothing song can improve listeners’ mood and briefly take away everyday life stress. B+/A- 

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