Jake’s Take Editorial: Thank You, Kansas City Chiefs!

Thank you, Kansas City Chiefs for an amazing season! (Photos and graphics property of the Kansas City Chiefs)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

I never thought I would see the Kansas City Chiefs win a second Super Bowl title in my natural life.

Growing up in Overland Park, Kansas, watching the Kansas City Chiefs was a tradition after my brother, Aaron, and I finished up Sunday School at Congregation Beth Shalom. We watched as various Chiefs players and head coaches faced off against legendary teams such as John Elway and the Denver Broncos, Brett Favre and both the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, and the Manning siblings and their various teams.

Sadly, the Kansas City Chiefs were unable to make it the playoffs. A majority of the time that I watched them—they barely won three to four regular-season games. When the Super Bowl came on and because the Chiefs were not there, I was more interested in the Halftime Shows. I had fond memories of various halftime shows such as Gloria Estefan and Stevie Wonder perform in 1999 and the massive pop/R&B/rap/rock mashup that starred Aerosmith, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and Nelly in 2001.

While superstar performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Madonna, and Lady Gaga electrified the Super Bowl, Aaron and I wondered if the Chiefs would ever astonish the world during football’s biggest game. Aaron optimistically stated at the start of every football season: “The Kansas City Chiefs will go to the Super Bowl this year!” For a while, there was no chance of seeing a plethora of Chiefs fans screaming for my hometown team was not possible.

However, this past decade things began to change. In 2013, the Chiefs began a new era with a new general manager: John Dorsey and former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid.  The Kansas City Chiefs began to turn things around. They won the 2015 AFC Wild-Card playoff game and won. Sadly, the New England Patriots ended their season.

In 2017, the Kansas City Chiefs once again won the AFC West division but failed to make the Super Bowl. Then, the team made their best decisions in years. The group decided to draft Patrick Mahomes, and he became the Chiefs’ newest quarterback. They bounced back and finished the 2018 regular season 12-4. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs were the closet they have ever been to a Super Bowl. If it were not for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the Chiefs would have been there.

Aaron and I wearing our Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs jerseys. (Photo property of Jacob Elyachar)

The 2019 season was full of amazing moments, and it was amazing to see this team bring so much joy to my hometown! I remembered looking at my social media feeds and seeing my friends and family members wearing Kansas City Chiefs jerseys. In fact, before I left Overland Park, my mom, Gloria, gave Aaron, my dad and myself matching Patrick Mahomes jerseys.

This season was the first time in years that I felt connected to the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase and with the team. I am so proud of Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, the entire team, and coaching staff for an epic year! I know that we are going to play in the Super Bowl again, and hopefully, we will not have to wait another 50 years.



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