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Here is my take on the concert version of ‘SuperYou The Musical.” (Logo property of ‘SuperYou The Musical’)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Performers took the stage of The Players’ Club in New York City on April 22 to introduce audiences to SuperYou The Musical.  Written and created by Lourds Lane, SuperYou The Musical hopes to bring superheroines to the Great White Way, the same way that Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Mera, and the women of Wakanda did for the silver screen.

Because it was a concert performance, there were no elaborate costumes, monstrous sets, or special effects. However, SuperYou The Musical introduced its audiences to characters that could become synonymous with theatregoers as Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, Hamilton’s Schuyler Sisters, and Wicked’s Elphaba and Glinda.  The musical centers on the story of Katie (Frozen the Musical’s MiMi Ryder (younger Katie) and Kennedy Caughell) and how her passion for creation helps her discover to love herself. Supporting Katie on this self-discovery journey are the Chix (Lane, Brie Cassil, Lavon Fisher Wilson, Nicolette Hart, and Molly Tynes). SuperYou’s the Chix might remind millennials and Disney superfans of Hercules’ Muses. However, the Chix are more than background singers. This quintet are superheroines that represent a part of Katie. Audiences who are keen on pop culture might make comparisons regarding the quintet. The sassy Seven (Hart) has shades of Joy Behar’s personality and elements of Harry Potter’s Sybill Trelawney. Meanwhile, Marvel fans might do a double take with Blast (Cassil) and might compare her to Phoenix (Jean Grey). Audiences would also gravitate towards The Chix as the six actresses’ stunning harmonies filled the Players’ Club through each song.

Lourds Lane poses with the cast and producers of ‘SuperYou The Musical.’ (Photo property & courtesy of EMPKT PR)

Possibly SuperYou’s greatest strength is Lourds Lane’s music and lyrics. There are several tunes that will make an impact on the audience.  Kennedy Caughell beautifully showcased her vocals with the haunting duo of “Fragmented” and “To My Angels.”  The emotional trio of “We are Awake,” “Light of the World,” and “I Will Start the Fire Now” might leave attendees in tears during the show’s decrescendo.   

There are only two small concerns that I had with SuperYou. First, the Players’ Club’s audio slipped in and out during crucial moments (and musical notes) of the production, which I believe will be fixed for future performances. Secondly, actor Timothy Fraser (Fatty Fatty No Friends, I (Almost) Got Away with It, and Peter and the Starcatcher) plays Matty. Matty is Katie’s older brother-father figure. He was not utilized as much as possible. I might suggest that he could play Jay, Katie’s manipulative musician boyfriend, who also serves as the musical’s main antagonist.

Final thoughts & grade: SuperYou The Musical’s concert performance definitely showcases why this inspirational show needs to be on Broadway.  Between its impeccable messages, larger than life characters, and superb story, SuperYou The Musical will empower its audience. With the correct costume and design teams, SuperYou could find the similar cultural impact that Hamilton had in the theatre world. A-

For more information about SuperYou The Musical, visit the show’s website.

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