Jake’s Take Casts ‘Big Brother All-Stars 2′: Part One-The Men

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Here are the “Big Brother” houseguests that I hope production invites back for a potential second “All-Stars” season. (Logo property of CBS)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

I am a huge Big Brother fan! I started watching bits and pieces of the CBS show with Season 16 and worked my way up to the current season.  Like many Big Brother fans, I would want another all-star season.

In this two-part series, I have created a cast list of previous houseguests that I would recommend the show’s production team to ask back using Big Brother 10 to Big Brother 20, Celebrity Big Brother USA Season One, and Big Brother: Over the Top. Part one focuses on potential returning male houseguests.


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Houseguest #1-Jessie Godderz (Seasons 10 & 11)

Right now, the only male houseguest from the classic era (the show’s first 12 seasons) that I would recommend to the Big Brother casting department to bring back for All-Stars 2 is Jessie Godderz. Before Jessie conquered the wrestling world and daytime television, he appeared on Seasons 10 and 11. With a combined three Head-of-Household (HOH) wins and a veto win in his two seasons, Jessie was a force in the house and able to hold his own with several memorable housemates including Dan Gheesling, Russell Kairouz, and Jeff Schroder. It would be exciting to see how his gameplay evolved from Season 11 and how he could react to the Frankies, Pauls, and Swaggy Cs of this generation.

Houseguest #2-Cody Calafiore (Season 16 Runner-Up)

The Season 16 Runner-Up had several essential alliances such as the Bomb Squad and the Detonators that controlled the Big Brother house all throughout the season. However, he teamed up with Derrick Levasseur to form one of the game’s best duos, the Hit Men. That alliance helped them get to their season finale, but the decision cost him $450,000. It would be interesting to see Cody play again and if he may have to face not only have to confront his past game, but also his older brother (Season 18 houseguest Paulie Calafiore)’s misdeeds.


Frankie Grande Big Brother

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Houseguest #3-Frankie Grande (Season 16 & Celebrity Big Brother UK finalist)

If asked back, social media mogul and entertainer Frankie Grande would be one of the very few returning houseguests to have the unique distinction of playing Big Brother three different times. During his debut season, Frankie overcame unique challenges such as surviving his grandfather’s death and pulling himself off the block by himself in an intense Battle of the Block. He also won five Heads of Household (HOH) competitions and three vetos during his time in the house.  However, Bustle pointed that the colorful Team America member polarized himself with viewers by making nasty comments about fellow houseguests Jocasta Odom and Victoria Rafaeli, plus Frankie stabbed his allies (Caleb Reynolds, Christine Varner (formerly Brecht), Cody, Derrick, Donny Thompson, and showmance partner Zach Rance) in the back. Despite finishing in fifth, Frankie did better on the 2016 edition of Celebrity Big Brother UK, where he made it to the finale. If asked back, Frankie would not only cement his place as one of the game’s devious houseguests but also have immediately address the enormous target on his back.

Houseguest #4- Donny Thompson (Season 16-America’s Favorite Houseguest)

During the first weeks of Big Brother’s milestone twentieth season, several fans compared Sam Bledsoe to the female counterpart of Donny Thompson on social media.  The Season 16 houseguest won viewers over with his humble actions inside the house, his humorous Diary Room sessions, kind farewell messages to evicted houseguests, and partnered with Derrick and Frankie as a part of the Team America alliance.  Despite being betrayed by his partners and being one of the houseguests that robbed Derrick of a perfect vote, Donny won America’s Favorite Houseguest and scored a cameo on The Bold & The Beautiful. On Instagram, I noticed that a lot of Big Brother fans would want him back and I hope that the show’s production team invites him back for one final round.


Johnny Mac Big Brother

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Houseguest #5-John “Johnny Mac” McGuire (Season 17)

Dr. John McGuire instantly made fans smile when he appeared on Big Brother’s seventeenth season. Nicknamed “Johnny Mac,” this rock star dentist entertained audiences with his outstanding diary room sessions.  He survived being nominated nine different times, won four vetoes, and a trip back into the house in the Season 17’s jury buyback competition.  While he made it to the Season 17 semifinals, John became the eighth member of the Season 17 jury. In all honesty, the second Big Brother: All-Stars season would not be complete without “Johnny Mac.”

Houseguest #6-Jason Roy (Season 17 & Over the Top finalist)

Just like Frankie and Jessie, Jason Roy would also be another former houseguest that could have the distinction of playing Big Brother three different times. Jason made both houseguests and fans laugh with his colorful commentary until Vanessa backdoored him during week five of Season 17. However, fans gave Jason another chance at the game when they voted him to be the final houseguest of the online exclusive Big Brother: Over the Top.  It turned out that Jason did better than his previous season as he won three vetoes and placed second in the series. Jason could be a real wild card in this season, especially if his personality is similar to other houseguests.


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Houseguest #7: Paul Abrahamian (Season 18 & Season 19 Runner-Up)

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room! Two-time Big Brother runner-up Paul Abrahamian accumulated six HOH competitions and six vetoes while making it to the finals both times. However, he also polarized viewers during his two seasons inside the house. Many fans were up in arms after he called fellow Season 18 houseguest Michelle Meyer a “c—” and the bullying tactics that he used to make fellow Season 19 houseguests Dominique Cooper, Jessica Graff, and Cody Nickson (more on him later)’s lives a living hell. International Business Times reported that Paul addressed his actions and gameplay on Instagram once he left the Big Brother 19 house in 2017. In all honesty, there is no Big Brother: All-Stars 2 without Paul!

Houseguest #8-Victor Arroyo (Season 18-America’s Favorite Houseguest)

Victor Arroyo had a very memorable run during Season 18. He teamed up early with Paul and Jozea Flores to target the returning veteran players. While Victor was able to get both Frank Eudy and Da’Vonne Rogers out of the game, Victor spent most of his time fighting to get back into the house after being evicted twice in the game. However, once he finally left for the Season 18 Jury House for good, Victor accumulated three HOH wins, three Battle Back wins, a Veto win, and a Battle Back win. He also won America’s Favorite Houseguest at the end of Season 18.  While Victor could be a solid competitor in this hypothetical All-Stars season, his off-camera romantic relationship with Season 16 participant and Season 18 winner, Nicole Franzel, could make him an early target.

Houseguest #9-Jozea Flores (Season 18)

Jozea Flores was eliminated from the game before his time! He brought sass, excitement, and the drama to his season. Despite only making it 16 days in the Big Brother 18 house, the former celebrity make-up artist known as “The Messiah” left an impression on viewers.  While he lost a second chance to enter the Over the Top house to Jason Roy, it would be exciting to have Jozea interact with both Frankie and Jason in the second All-Stars season.


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Houseguest #10-Cody Nickson (Season 19-America’s Favorite Houseguest)

The Amazing Race winner got his start in the Big Brother 19 house, where he went rogue on his alliance and targeted archrival Paul for early eviction.  That move plus his transphobic comments about Big Brother 17 transgendered houseguest Audrey Middleton made viewers angry.  While Nickson gained sympathy from fans after Paul encouraged the house to bully the former Marine and his soon-to-be-wife, Jessica Graf, it is still hard to believe that Nickson won America’s Favorite Houseguest and robbed Paul a deserving win! I would love to see Nickson back in the game to not only face off against Paul (and possibly Victor), but also several LBGT identified houseguests such as Frankie, Jason, Jozea, and Vanessa, who might have issues with his ignorance.

Houseguest #11: James Maslow (Celebrity Big Brother USA Season One)

The former Big Time Rush member had the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural season of Celebrity Big Brother USA. While he did not win any Head of Households, James came close to winning every HOH round he participated in. He also created TV gold with his rivalry with Reality TV star Brandi Glanville and friendship with Mark McGrath. Despite placing sixth on his season, it would be exciting to have James interact with the houseguests.


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Houseguest #12: Chris “Swaggy C” Williams (Season 20)

Let’s face it, Swaggy C made the first part of Big Brother’s current season very entertaining and helped set up the current state of the Season 20 house. Things might have been different if Kaitlyn Herman did not blindside the Foute co-founder during the second week of the season.  It would be fascinating for Swaggy C to return for an All-Stars season because it would be a challenge for him to find the right people to align with him.


Scottie Salton Big Brother

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Houseguest #13: Scottie Salton (Season 20)

Before the Thursday, August 23 episode of Big Brother, I wanted to see Zach Rance back in the house. However, Scottie Salton’s premature elimination cause me to remove Zach and put Scottie in this group. This fan-favorite lost his only friend (Steve Arienta) in the house in week one, but his decision to remove Swaggy from the game in week two came back to haunt him. His alliance continued to doubt him all season and were eager to throw him to various HOHs. Another item that led to his downfall was falling in love with Haleigh Broucher, which enraged her showmance partner Faysal Shafaat. However, Scottie was quite a competitor as he won one HOH, one Veto, a trip to Greece, and $5,000 during his time on the show.  He was also able to go toe-to-toe with some of the season’s toughest physical competitors including Faysal, Tyler Crispen, and Brett Robinson in some of the season’s important HOH and Veto competitions, despite coming in second place in the majority of the competitions. Despite his win in the Season 20 Jury Battle Back and his controversial second exit speech, Scottie should come back for All-Stars 2 will give him not only a chance to redeem himself but also a chance to play with some of the series’ greats.

Do you agree with these choices? Which previous houseguests would you want the Big Brother casting team to come back?


  1. You have no women as ALL Star picks. Alex BB19, Vanessa BB17, Bronte BB18, Natalie BB18, Kaycee BB20, Angela BB20


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