Jake’s Eye On…”The Voice: Season Eight” Top 20

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Next week, The Voice: Season Eight goes live!

The hit NBC singing competition will take the Top 20 and give them the opportunity to perform at Universal Studios Hollywood!

At stake, a spot on their coach’s Final Three. If they survive America’s voting process, four artists (no matter which team) will move on to the Grand Finale…where they will be performing for a Universal Music Group record deal and $100,000!

After watching every performance from the artists, here is where I think each team stands and my MVPs of each team:

Team Christina The Voice Season Eight

Team Christina is the team to beat on “The Voice: Season Eight.” Four of her five artists could easily win this season. (Photo property of NBC)


Team Christina

I am truly hoping for a Team Christina victory this season. The Queen of The Voice has brilliantly stacked her deck with powerhouse vocalists that could take it to the end. While her coaching method may have polarized several die-hard members of The Voice fanbase, I would advise them to look at Frenchie Davis, Chris Mann and Jacquie Lee. Her artists greatly improved over the course of their respective seasons and ventured farther than any Team Adam, Team Gwen or Team Shakira alum outside the show! Time and time again, India Carney has proven herself to be Team Xtina’s Songstress-in-Chief with her superb interpretations of “New York State of Mind” & “Big White Room.” However, the last two spots are a toss-up between three buzzworthy divas. Kimberly Nichole, Sonic and newcomer Lexi Davila’s voices are impeccable to the ear, which means it is going to be difficult to say “goodbye” to either one of them!

MVPs (and Who Should Move ON to the Top 12): India, Kimberly & Sonic or Lexi

Team Pharrell The Voice Season Eight

Team Pharrell is two steps away from being an unstoppable force in this competition. (Photo property of NBC)


Team Pharrell

Let’s hope that Pharrell has learned his lessons from Season Seven! He has an awesome team filled of potential winners. In order to take the crown, Pharrell needs to let his artists choose their music! Otherwise, they might end up like DaNica Shirey (who was robbed last season) and leave the competition at an inconvenient time. It seems like the youngest contestants, Sawyer Fredericks and Mia Z, are geared to take this competition by storm. However, I would not count out former Team Xtina member Koryn Hawthorne as her impeccable performances have charmed the fans throughout the competition.

MVPs (and Who Should Move ON to the Top 12): Sawyer, Mia Z & Koryn


Team Blake The Voice Season Eight

Team Blake is full of likeable artists, but I know of three ladies that can transform themselves into dark horses and enter the Top Six. (Photo property of NBC)

Team Blake

It seems like Team Blake has a diverse coalition of singers’ bi-seasonally. However, while they don’t have a Sisaundra Lewis, Craig Wayne Boyd or Cole Vosbury, Team Blake has a group of likable artists that could transform themselves into Wild Card candidates. However, while other coaches might have problems securing a top three…Blake could easily rely on longtime friend Meghan Linsey and his “Gimme Shelter” dynamos Sarah Potenza and stolen back artist Hannah Kirby for some exciting moments that could stretch into the latter weeks of Season Eight.

MVPs (and Who Should Move ON to the Top 12): Meghan, Sarah & Hannah


Team Adam The Voice Season Eight

Unfortunately, Team Adam has the weakest line-up this year! (Photo property of NBC)

Team Adam

The tables have turned on Adam! Last season, he broke the Voice franchise record by having three of his artists reach the finale. I also think that his karma for supporting Tessanne over Will Champlin in Season Five finally caught up with him when none of them won! As he mentioned during last night’s Knockout Rounds conclusion, his team are the underdogs of this season. While Brian Johnson has improved, he has still a long way to go in order to get to the Top 12. As for Nathan Hermida, I am currently watching Daniel Seavey destroy American Idol…so I am worried that Nathan would destroy The Voice and that eliminates him from an attempt of winning The Voice crown. That leaves his three best: the most improved Joshua Davis, Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Deanna Johnson to try their luck and make it to the finale.

MVPs (and Who Should Move ON to the Top 12); Deanna, Joshua & Tonya

Who are your favorites? Who do you want to win “The Voice”?

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