Jacob’s Fitness Journey Update-Summer 2015

Murph CrossFit RX

One of the biggest accomplishments that I did at CrossFit this year was RXing “Murph”! (Photo property of Jacob Elyachar)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It has been a while since I last wrote about my fitness journey!

The good news…I am getting stronger every day! I have hit several major benchmarks such as getting a 2-rep max of 175 on a jerk, a 1-rep max of 175 on a clean, a 1-rep max of 230 lbs. on my back squat, a 6-rep max of 155 on bench, dozens of toes-to-bar and been able to do 30 single jump ropes in a row.

I also entered the CrossFit Open for the very first time in the Scaled Division and I completed all five of the workouts.

But, there is one major obstacle that has really challenged me mentally and emotionally…. finishing the workout last every single time.  This challenge reared its ugly head when I found out that I not only finished last in my gym but in the bottom of my region.

I know what you are going to say: “It doesn’t matter when you finished the WOD, what matters is that you finished!” or “You are not trying to be the next Rich Froning, Matthew Fraser or Jacob Heppner. You are doing this to get healthier!”

Yes…but at the same time…you should think about the other person. Find out why they are doing that by getting inside their minds and learn what it feels like that no matter how they did…they always felt that they were going to finish last.

In order for to prevent from happening, I turned to my role models in the media industry (Simon Cowell, Howard Stern, David Letterman, Sir Elton John, Billy Joel, Piers Morgan, Adam Lambert, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Osbourne and Wendy Williams) for inspiration and hoped that I could channel them in order to continue to persevere through the challenges.

When I adapted that behavior in class, my coaches called me out due to acting like them and focus on the small improvements and my workouts. I admit there are times during the WODs that I would think to myself: “What would Howard/Simon/Rosie/Christina/Elton do, if they were in my situation?” The easy answer might be that they would break the rules, pull a Tom Brady and do it their way.

Jacob and his CrossFit 913 family

I am very lucky to call these people: “family.” These are a great group of people and I am very lucky to have them in my life. (Photo property of CrossFit 913)

However, when I am in ever in the mood to adapt their rule books, there is a group of people that has always stood by me and would never let me stoop to my role models’ (sometimes questionable) ethics levels: my CrossFit 913 family!

Headed by coaches Brady Mora, TJ Kiblen, Anthony Koehler, Nick Reyes and Lauren Stollman, this group of individuals has singled handedly made my fitness experience a more pleasant and well-rounded one. All of my classmates are strong, motivated and have superb personalities that makes me want to come back for more and proud to call them my friends. I also want to give a strong shout out to my coaches for putting up with all of my ups-and-downs that I have been through on my fitness journey.

Also, I want to thank other members of the Kansas City CrossFit community particularly Mitch, Kyle, Vince, Brian, Colton and Reggie! These gentlemen have always given me great advice regarding CrossFit and pushing me to stay with the program.

Jacob with WBFF Pros Micah & Diana Lacerte

I am very lucky to call HitchFit owners & WBFF World Champions Micah & Diana Chaloux Lacerte-friends and fitness inspirations. (Photo property of Jacob Elyachar)

Finally, I also want to give a shout-out to several fitness industry veterans such as fit2fat2fit’s Drew Manning, Scott Herman, Nick Wright, Olympus Iron’s Bob Arcand, the Buff Dudes, Micah & Diana Lacerte, Christian Lowell, Donovan Seay, AJ Ellison, Ellie Marie Gundelfinger, Jamie “GrenadeJay” Alderton, and Jaco de Bruyn. These guys have inspired me to embrace fitness as a lifestyle and inspired me to keep going on this journey.

This journey is not easy, but I will not give up or back down from this challenge. I hope that I can have your support on my journey!

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