iLuminate returns to “AGT” with Fitz & The Tantrums

Fitz & The Tantrums joined "AGT: Season Six" alums iLuminate on the Dolby Theatre stage. (Photo property of NBC)

Fitz & The Tantrums joined “AGT: Season Six” alums iLuminate on the Dolby Theatre stage. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

One of the greatest acts in America’s Got Talent (AGT) history returned home tonight!

Since their first audition in Season Six, Team iLuminate’s excellent combination of technology, dance, and music blew audiences away, and their performances took them all the way to the Season Six finale, where they took home third place.

Hoping to have the same success as iLuminate were 12 acts who desperately wanted one of the seven coveted semi-final spots.  Which acts advanced to the next round by America’s votes? Who had to rely on the Dunkin Save or the Judges’ Save?  Read on to find out…

After recapping last night including watching the aftermath of Ryan and Amber’s horrific stunt go wrong, the 12 acts joined Nick on stage. Nick revealed the three acts that were nominated for the Dunkin’ Save. The three acts in danger were Kadie Lynn, Sal Valentinetti, and ThroWings! Wow! I was a little surprised that both Sal and ThroWings were up for the Dunkin’ Save.

As the three Dunkin’ Save candidates left the stage, Nick revealed that the Clairvoyants would be moving on to the next round! I agree with Howie’s prediction that they should be a part of this year’s finals.  The next acts that would be moving forward to the semifinals were both Viktor Kee and Steven Brundage!

While the acts left the stage, it was time for iLuminate and Fitz and the Tantrums to take the stage. The Season Six runner-ups blew me away with their impeccable choreography and superb LED lights. They even got Heidi in the act as she led the audience in handclapping.

Once the group exited, all eyes were back on the acts as Nick continued to reveal the results. Flip, Sofie Dossi and Ryan Stock and AmberLynn were the next to find out the results and Sofie moved on to the competition, leaving only Moya Angela and Calysta Bevier remaining. Simon’s Golden Buzzer act prevailed as America voted to send home one of its best singers, shame on you, America!

Finally, Nick revealed that Sal Valentinetti won the Dunkin’ Save (thank goodness) and he also revealed that ThroWings and Kadie Lynn were up for the Judges’ Save. Howie kicked off the vote with ThroWings and Mel B seconded and sided with him. Heidi decided to vote for Kadie Lynn. This left it up to Simon and once again it went to deadlock once again and America, once again chose wrong and picked Kadie Lynn!

In two weeks, the last 12 acts will take the Dolby Theatre stage and fight for the last seven places in the “AGT: Season 11” semi-finals.

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