“Idol” Season 14 auditions winds down in San Fran


American Idol Season 14 cast

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and Harry Connick, Jr. posed for the press when “American Idol” visited San Francisco. (Photo property of FOX, 19 Entertainment & FremantleMedia North America)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

For the eighth time in the show’s history, American Idol traveled to San Francisco!

Throughout the next two nights, viewers will learn which artists Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban picked for Hollywood!

So…which artists stole night one? Read on to find out…

Up first to face the judges was 15-year-old Katherine Skinner, who looked like a mini Miley Cyrus! She was inspired to audition by her psychic cat. Despite being a kooky character, she stunned me with her impressive vocals with her cover of Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Out.” Jennifer stated that she was talented, but “cray cray,” however Keith stated that she was “bold and fearless.” She received the first Golden Ticket of the night.

After a montage of talented contestants such as Erika David and Ryan Pinkston, 17-year-old Andrew Bloom hoped to keep San Fran’s hot streak alive! He brought his friend, Olympic silver medalist sprinter Ryan Bailey, for luck! While his vocals left J.Lo in a trance. Keith told the Tim Tebow-lookalike that he admired his spirit. He received a Golden Ticket and Harry hate humble pie as Ryan outsprinted him in the Judges’ room.

While Golden Tickets were being handled out, contestants struggled to find the exit! As the contestants fumbled their way out of the room, 16-year-old Reno Anoa’I was hoping to join them in Hollywood. He came from a big family and at one time, 40 of his family members lived in the same house. I loved his storyteller approach to Rod Stewart’s “I Don’t Want to Talk About It.” For once, I agreed with Jennifer that Reno should focus on his pure notes and not showing off using runs. He had faith as he embraced his family members when the judges gave him his Golden Ticket!

Unfortunately, while there were a lot of people handed Golden Tickets…. there were a lot of people heading home. However, of all the “No’s”…Samuel Prince’s audition that featured the judges acting out an impromptu telenovela with him…which included a slap from J.Lo!

It was a pleasant surprise to see Rayvon Owen on my television! I debuted Rayvon’s music video: “Sweatshirt” on Examiner.com last month. As he sang Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” for the judges, I loved seeing his charisma and the high notes. It was the best audition of the night! It gave J.Lo goosies and Harry admired his audition. Good luck in Hollywood, Rayvon.

The last audition of night one in San Francisco belonged to 16-year-old Maddy Hudson, who delivered an unbelievable audition! Her vocals were astonishing and stage presence was impeccable. She gave J.Lo—-her second goosies of the stop and declared her one of her favorites. Maddy was so modest and I hope that she will shine like a diamond in Hollywood!

Tomorrow night, the “Idol” Auditions of 2015 conclude! Who will get the final Golden Tickets!

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