Heidi Klum Finds Her ‘AGT: Season 15’ Golden Buzzer Act

Heidi Klum found her Golden Buzzer pick for America’s Got Talent: Season 15! (Photo and graphics property of NBC)

By:  Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 15 Judges Auditions continue! 

Over the past two weeks, fans have seen travel around the world to prove that they are worth the $1,000,000 prize. For some such as Archie Williams and BONAVEGA, they are one step away to performing live for America’s votes. Other AGT hopefuls were not so lucky as they were buzzed out of the competition. 

Tonight, more acts stepped onto the Pasadena Civic Center stage to audition for Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Which acts were buzzed? Which act joined Roberta Battaglia and the Voices of Our City Choir in the AGT: Season 15 live shows? Also, tonight it was Heidi’s turn to press the Golden Buzzer. Which act did she select? Read on to find out!

After the judges rushed to their seats, crew members brought a desk onto the stage containing Emerald Gordon Wulf. This young contortionist charmed the audience with her impressive skills. As Sofia looked at Heidi Klum with delight, Emerald continued to showcase her flexibility. I think Sofie Dossi has some competition after that fantastic audition. Simon called her “creative” and believed that the AGT audience would like her. He also challenged her to think outside the box in the next rounds. All four judges received the first set of “4 Yeses” of the evening.

Vocal trio Resound hoped that AGT could change their lives. Joseph Clarke, Jessica Fox, and Mariah Hargrove quit their jobs to pursue their dreams to sing. The trio wanted to use their gifts to spread love and positivity. When I watched their cover of “What the World Needs Now is Love,” I thought Joseph was the second coming of Luther Vandross. Their harmonies were on point, and they gave me a strong case of the chills. Simon was the first judge to join the Pasadena Civic Center audience by giving them a standing ovation. While they put Simon in a good mood, Heidi Klum called the audition “flawless.” As Simon challenged them to raise the roof in the next round, they received the second unanimous “4 Yeses” of the evening. 

After Amanda LaCount hugged her mom backstage, she walked across the Pasadena Civic Center. The Fort Collins, Colorado native, turned Los Angeles transplant praised her mom for dropping everything for her. She faced issues with her weight, and even a dance studio owner forced her out because of her size. Amanda showcased a lot of charisma during her audition and proved her haters wrong. However, Heidi Klum wrongfully buzzed her and stated that it was not worth a $1,000,000 act. But Simon loved every minute of the audition and wanted to see if she could progress. Both Simon and Sofia voted “Yes,” but Heidi said: “No.” Thankfully, the audience transformed Howie’s “No” into a yes.

13-year-old Daneliya Tuleshova traveled from Kazakhstan to participate in AGT. She revealed that she wanted to be a pop star like Beyonce, but was scared of Simon Cowell’s strictness. I loved her voice, but I wanted to hear another song from her. I could see her have a career like Camila Cabello or Demi Lovato if she surrounds herself with the right people and continues to grab vocal lessons. She received the first unanimous standing ovation of the evening. Both Simon and Heidi Klum were impressed by her vocals. Daneilya received the third “4 Yeses” of the evening. 

As Sofia Vergara failed to produce a joke, comedian Marty Ross took the stage. The former clothes salesman decided to enter the competition to showcase his talent. The 80-year-old comedian talked about visiting his mom at the nursing home and revealed that young people hate older adults. After a rough start, he was able to bounce back with a joke about peanut allergies! He received a four-judge standing ovation. Heidi Klum called him a “little naughty,” but she loved it. He received “4 Yeses” to advance to the next round.

Celina Graves revealed that she was a tomboy growing up, but she never gave up her love of singing. She has been singing since she was 3-years-old and told that she was training to be in law enforcement. I was so impressed with how Celina transformed Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy” into a spectacular original that I barely recognized until she hit the chorus. Her vocals made me cry, and she delivered one of the best auditions of the season! Celina received four massive “Yeses.”

France’s Got Talent alums The Demented Brothers invaded the “House of Magic.” This duo made me smile and laugh throughout their act. While the act left Simon confused, Heidi Klum called it the “best magic that she has ever seen.” Despite not winning over Simon, Howie and the ladies voted them through to the next round. 

Cousins Shakir and Rehan Khan traveled from India to compete on AGT. This was their first time in the United States. Their choreography moved me, and I loved their incredible lifts. I would like to see Travis Wall and Maddie Ziegler choreograph something for them in the future. Sofia Vergara praised their synchronicity, while Simon loved their chemistry. The duo received a ticket to the next round. 

David Rush broke 125 Guinness World Records, and now he wanted to break another one. He and Terry Crews had to rip apart 30 shirts in 60 seconds only using their hands. It was amazing to see them break a record. However, he did not advance because Howie and Sofia did not find it entertaining.

After an Eric Cowell appearance, baby Jeremiah peaked behind the stage. His mom, Cristina Rae, was about to go on stage and compete for the $1 million prize. The body sculptor brought out her son to introduce him to the audience. She revealed that she wanted to win AGT to provide a better life for her and Jeremiah. Cristina sang “In the Air Tonight” and brought the house down after he left the stage! She channeled the spirit of some of the show’s best singers: Alice Tan Ridley, Barbara Padilla, Christina Wells, and Sharon Irving. 

However, Simon wanted a second song. He wanted to hear her encore song. Cristina sang “Gimme Shelter” and she transformed the Rolling Stones classic into an anthem that had Heidi Klum headbanging. I loved the vocal performance, and Cristina gave me chills throughout that performance. She received the final four judges standing ovation of the evening. Heidi gave her the Golden Buzzer and Cristina headed to the Season 15 Live Shows!

Next week, the auditions continues!

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