Heidi Klum goes for the Golden Buzzer on “AGT”

AGT Heidi Klum 2015

Which act impressed Heidi Klum so much that it caused her to press the Golden Buzzer! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

So far, the tenth anniversary season of America’s Got Talent has featured memorable auditions that ranged from the extremely dangerous (Dr. Danger & Cliff Ryder) and heart stopping (Metal Mulisha & Wayne Hoffman) to heartwarming (Uzeyer Novruzov & Daniella Mass).

We also had three acts receive a trip to the Radio City Music Hall Live Shows, courtesy of an enhanced Golden Buzzer. So far, comedian Drew Lynch, dance trio Freckled Sky and singer Sharon Irving are the acts that impressed judges Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Mel B respectfully.

Heidi Klum is the only judge remaining that has not pressed the Golden Buzzer. That all changed tonight!

Which act impressed the Project Runway host and earned a coveted place at the Radio City Music Hall live shows? Read on to find out…

As the judges took their seats, brothers Zack (12) and Cameron (9) (also known as The Gentlemen) hoped to dance their away to Radio City Music Hall. Their combination of Hip-hop and break dancing entertained the audience. While I was watching them, my mind immediately thought that these kids could be the students of Twitch, Nappytabs and Ivan Koumaev. Mel B gave then a standing ovation and was impressed with their rhythm and isolation, while Howard added that they were contenders. They received the first unanimous “Yes” of the night!

Mentalist Oz Pearlman left his Wall Street job to pursue his career full-time. Oz hoped to use Heidi and Howie for his audition. Howie and Oz correctly picked Heidi’s number, while he correctly selected Mel B’s 1998 vacation with fellow Spice Girl Geri Halliwell at Fiji. He received the first four judge-standing ovation of the night. Mel B called him “slick,” while Heidi wanted “more” from him. He received the second unanimous “Yes” of the night.

One act that was extremely nervous for her audition was 24-year-old singer Brittney Allen. The Alabama girl never sang in front of anyone before and viewers could see the nerves come throughout her pre-performance package. Her Marine fiancé, Phil, inspired her to face her fear and audition for America’s Got Talent. Despite stopping during the first run through of the song, Brittney delivered a stunning interpretation of the Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go” that gave me chills. As Mel B gave Brittany a hug, Howie stated that she taught America a lesson: “Never give up!” Unfortunately, Howard commented that her piano playing was not strong enough and told her that she was not ready for the competition. Luckily, his fellow judges outvoted Howard and Brittney moved to the next round.

After several unsuccessful acts failed to convince the judges that they were worthy for America’s votes, dance troupe Semeneya delivered fancy footwork that injured one of their dancers…whose knee snapped and forced them to stop their audition. As the medics took the dancer to the hospital, the judges gave them several options: come back next season or present a new routine later on. Two of the dancers delivered a fiery routine that featured fast spins and astonishing twirls that wowed Mel B. They received four “Yeses” and headed to the next round.

11-year-old Arielle Baril loves to sing! Her big brother taught and trained her to perform opera. I was amazed from the word: “Go!” She joined Barbara Padilla and Andrew de Leon in the instant goose bump category, as Arielle brilliantly belted out “O Mio Babbino Caro.” She received a standing ovation from Heidi, who loved the mature and moving aspect of her voice. Because she moved Heidi so much, Arielle received the last judges’ Golden Buzzer and went straight to the Radio City Music Hall live shows!

Las Vegas showman Alexi had the uncanniest audition of the night. The married man used a manikin as a balance beam for his comedic balancing act. His stunts were superb and left the audience wanting more. Howard was impressed with the way that brought Alexi hand balancing to a new level, while Mel B admired his strength. Alexi and his manikin might bring some excitement to the Season 10 live shows.

Last year, Alex Boye teamed up with AGT alums One Voice Children’s Choir in an epic cover of Frozen’s anthem “Let It Go.” Now, the Salt Lake City musician is ready to set Las Vegas on fire. With his band backing him, Alex performed a mash-up of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” that brought the audience, Howie and Heidi to their feet. Howie declared that Alex was his favorite music act, while Mel B did not want the music to stop! Howard added that he could watch Alex “all day.” I am so excited that the judges gave Alex- four “Yeses!” He is going to spice Season 10 up!

The last audition of the night belonged to Las Vegas juggling duo Daniel & Syum. Their juggling tricks may not have impressed Howard, Howie or Heidi, but Mel B loved their antics. Despite receiving three “No’s” from the judges, the duo did join them in a dance party on stage.

Next week, the ultimate danger act is revealed!

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