‘Harry Potter’ invades ‘Masked Singer: Season 10’

Robin Thicke, Jenny "Dumbledore" McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken "Snape" Jeong & Nicole "Hermione Granger" Scherznger celebrate Harry Potter Night on the Masked Singer. (Photo property of FOX's Michael Becker)

Robin Thicke, Jenny “Dumbledore” McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken “Snape” Jeong & Nicole “Hermione Granger” Scherzinger celebrate Harry Potter Night on The Masked Singer. (Photo property of FOX’s Michael Becker)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Masked Singer is heading to Hogwarts!!!

FOX’s undercover celebrity talent competition celebrated all things Harry Potter as Hawk, Husky, and Tiki returned to the stage. However, the Death Eaters and Dolores Umbridge’s forces summoned a new Wild Card performer who entered the competition – the Sea Queen. Did this new competitor enchant the Masked Singer audience and get the Golden Snitch equivalent in moving into the next round?

Who was forced to unmask and board the Hogwarts Express back to Los Angeles? Did any panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) borrow the Sorting Hat to discover the eliminated performer’s identity? Read on to find out!

The Masked Singer: Season Two finalist Adrienne Bailon-Houghton (Flamingo) set the evening’s mood with her take on “I Put A Spell on You.” After Adrienne left the stage, Nick announced that the Sorting Hat would join the fun and sort out the masks in their Hogwarts houses.

Tiki Mask sang Pilot’s “Magic,” and he has a fabulous voice. I am leaving the Steven Tyler train and boarding the Sebastian Bach shuttle. Before the show, I did a YouTube search and found a video of Sebastian Bach performing “I’ll Remember You” with his band Skid Row, and it immediately matched Tiki Mask! Nicole loved his crystal-clear vocals, and Robin stated that Tiki’s voice was iconic. The Sorting Hat placed Tiki Mask in Gryffindor; Tiki also revealed that he is the leading man on various stages. Ken thought it was Dave Grohl, while Nicole guessed Jon Bon Jovi. Robin concluded the round with Robert Plant. 

Husky returned to the stage and revealed that he was an underestimated wizard. His pre-performance clue package included a red rose, three “King of Hearts,” and a globe. He sang Rick James’ “Superfreak,” I still don’t know who is in the Husky outfit. The Sorting Hat placed Husky in Hufflepuff, and Husky is revealed that he is connected with Diddy! Nicole and Robin thought it was Ginuwine, while Jenny guessed Brian McKnight.

Hawk nearly went home last week to “flight another day.” In his second pre-performance package, he revealed that he lost someone close to cancer. The clues also included a telescope and a hawk constellation. He sang, “Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic,” and I could not pick out his voice. The Sorting Hat returned and revealed that Hawk was in Ravenclaw! He said that he portrayed a student on television. Robin guessed Ryan Phillippe, while Ken suggested Andrew Garfield. Nicole added Billie Joe Armstrong into the conversation.

The Sea Queen made her official Masked Singer appearance! Her pre-performance package contained a black widow, revealed a triple threat (comedy, writing, and singing), and she will be going on tour. She sang “Love Potion Number 9,” and I thought it was Anita Baker. The Sorting Hat placed Sea Queen in Slythern, and she is in multiple musical genres. Jenny thought it was Erykah Badu. Ken guessed the Sea Queen was Queen Latifah, and the audience promptly booed him. Meanwhile, Nicole thought it was Jenifer Lewis. 

The Masked Singer panel and audience voted Husky and Sea Queen into the Group B finals! However, Hawk and Tiki had to duel for their spot in the finale in The Smackdown, which the song was Lady Gaga’s “Monster.” Tiki had a rough start but soared in the end. I did not Hawk’s rendition of the song. 

Thankfully, the Tiki was sent into the finals and the Hawk had to unmask. Robin thought it was Ryan Phillippe and Jenny guessed Chad Michael Murray. Ken stood by his guess of Cole Sprouse, and Nicole thought it was Billie Joe Armstrong.  The panel was wrong as Tyler Posey was HAWK!! 

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