Group C Has Its ‘Masked Singer: Season 7’ Semifinals

Prince, Queen Cobra, Baby Mammoth, and SpaceBunny returned to The Masked Singer stage. (Photo & graphic property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Author’s Note: Last week was the headline-making episode when former New York City Mayor and controversial political figure Rudy Giuliani was unmasked as the Jack in the Box. As someone who has covered The Masked Singer since its premiere season, I am disappointed that the producers chose to bring him on the show. I am also appalled by panelist Ken Jeong’s unprofessional behavior of walking off the set. If he was insulted by Rudy’s appearance, imagine the people who saw him in his birthday suit (me included) during The Hangover. These two stunts could lead to the beginning of the end of this series. 

Tonight, Team Good’s Prince, Team Bad’s Queen Cobra, and Team Cuddly’s Baby Mammoth and Space Bunny competed for three spots in the Group C finals. Which performer rose to the occasion? Who was forced to join Duff Goldman, Joe Buck, Penn + Teller, and Jennifer Holliday in the Season Seven elimination club? Read on to find out!

Once Nick made the introductions, he revealed the Bottom Two would face off in a sing-off showdown. Team Bad’s last remaining vocalist(s), Queen Cobra, returned to the stage. Queen Cobra sang The Mouse’s “I Say A Little Prayer.” They had flawless harmonies, and I believe that there was more than one performer singing. Queen Cobra could be En Vogue. Robin called it – “the most special performance” they have had on the show. The Mega Clue round returned, and the Men in Black brought out a giant “magical” well. The Queen Cobras’ mega clue was a red heart that said “B. Mine.” Jenny thought it was Brandy and Monica due to “The Boy Is Mine.” Meanwhile, Nicole suggested R&B group Allure, and Robin added Zhane into the mix. The Queen Cobras’ celebrity best friend is Holly Robinson Peete.

Team Cuddly’s Space Bunny landed back on the Masked Singer stage. He sang Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” I think this could be Shaggy under the costume. In the background, I also saw a cameo from Alien (from the original season). Ken loved the performance, while Nicole called his voice: “easy on the ears.” Space Bunny’s mega clue was a “500 lbs dumbbell.” Ken guessed Floyd Mayweather, while Robin thought it was Pitbull. Jenny ended the guessing with Ne-Yo, Usher, and Richard Simmons. 

Team Good’s Prince ended the first round of competition, and he sang Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” He’s one of the best male singers of the season. Nicole welled up when she gave her commentary, and Jenny predicted that he could be leaping into the finale. The Prince’s mega clue was luggage, as he toured a lot of hotels. Ken thought it was Enrique Iglesias, while Robin declared Niall Hoarn. Nicole ended the round with Darren Criss.

Team Cuddly’s Baby Mammoth and Space Bunny had to face off in the season’s final showdown. Baby Mammoth performed Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too,” and I still thought Kirstie Alley was behind the mask. Space Bunny countered with Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” and I thought he won the battle.

The Masked Singer panel to voted to send home BABY MAMMOTH and Space Bunny in the Group C finals. Ken stood by his guess of Reese Witherspoon, while Robin guessed Kristen Dunst. However, Nicole thought it was Rachael Ray. Meanwhile, Jenny suggested Kirstie Alley.


Next week, The Masked Singer: Season Seven Group C has its finals round!

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