George Lopez visits “America’s Got Talent”

George Lopez visits America's Got Talent

The judges pose with George Lopez during a taping of “America’s Got Talent.” (Photo property of NBC & SYCO Entertainment)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Comedian George Lopez is the latest celebrity to visit America’s Got Talent.

The actor, comedian, and former talk show host joined Simon, Heidi, Mel B and Howie at the Judges’ Desk for the third round of the Judges’ Cuts. Like previous guest judges Ne-Yo and Reba, George Lopez is armed with a Golden Buzzer, which will send one act to the Dolby Theatre live shows.

Which act received the Golden Buzzer? Which acts are heading to the live shows? Read on to find out!

After Howie had driven guest judge George Lopez to the Judge Cuts, it was time for the acts to take the stage. Josse and Carrie were the first act to take the stage. At their auditions, Heidi called them: “boring.” They danced the Merengue, and the audience lit up. After the Olate Dogs won Season Seven, I have been against animal acts, and I do not think that they have a chance to move on. George was speechless and was very impressed, while Howie stated that he was fantastic, and he rose to the occasion. Mel B said that “cute and adorable” might not cut it and Heidi added that the act could get repetitive.

17-year-old singer Daniel Joyner was the second act to face the judges. During his audition, the judges told him to improve his stage presence. The now bearded 17-year-old sang “Feeling Good” for his chance to perform in the Live Shows. He owned the stage and showed several people with the last names: Groban, Buble, and Mann that he is ready for prime time! Mel B was impressed that Daniel showed his feisty side, while Howie added that he made the song his own. George applauded his showmanship, and Simon loved that he showed “real confidence” in his performance.

One of the show’s younger magicians, Blake Vogt, went to the Judges’ Desk and asked to borrow money. George and Howie gave him a $100 and $1 respectively. After the men had signed their initials, he asked Mel B and George to tear the bills. He swallowed both bill corners and reapplied the corners to the opposite bills. Howie gave him a standing ovation and told him that was “magic.” Simon added that Blake gave a “great, great second audition.”

While mother and son team Alla and Daniel Novikov danced a fiery Latin dance, I noticed that Daniel’s dancing reminded me of a young Derek Hough and friends to the blog: Mark Ballas and Ryan Di Lello. As the duo left the stage, Rose and Charlie returned to the stage, and they still wanted to be the next Sonny and Cher. They performed the Spanish version of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” While Heidi buzzed, Rose stripped down to her bra and a short skirt. Simon and Howie gave them a standing ovation and called Rose a “minx with a capital M.” George wanted to live the “La Vida Loca.” Heidi called their act absurd, while Mel B was disappointed that Rose did not have her tassels on.

Tape Face drives me insane! He needs to open up and TALK!! For this go around, he mimed that he was a World War I pilot, and after he had lost control of the plane, he mimed skydiving to Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.” Next, he asked Howie to join him on stage where he taped his nipples and made him a human puppet. Despite his unwillingness to talk, Tape Face is very creative. Howie stated that he would inspire kids around the country, while Simon called him the next Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin.

As Nick tried to interview Tape Face, the singers were anxious to face Simon. Girl group Good Girl attempted to woo Simon with a cover of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It,” but he stated that they were very out of tune. While 14-year-old Dominque Dy butchered Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”, and Simon said that they were plenty of girls doing what she was doing, but better.

Hoping not to anger Simon was 21-year-old singer Madison Watkins. She gave a sturdy cover of James Bay’s “Let It Go,” but compared to both Ronee Martin and Moya Angela, Madison is not in the same league as them. Both Heidi and George gave Madison a standing ovation, while Simon stated that she might be memorable for the panel to fight for her during their cuts.

One of my favorite acts of the season, Malevo, returned to face the judges. The Argentina-based drum act left their day jobs, so this audition was make or break for them. Their performance blew me away, and their choreography was outstanding. They were the first act to receive a four-judge standing ovation (Howie, Mel B, Heidi, and George). I am so glad that George Lopez pressed his Golden Buzzer for this impeccable group!!!

With the Golden Buzzer gone, the remaining performers had to step up to the plate. After Nick had read a warning, it was time for the danger acts to take the stage. Archer Ian Stewart combined crossbow shooting with circus acts. While Ian’s act was dangerous, Mel B pressed her buzzer because the timing was too slow. Howie best described it as “the world’s most dangerous accountant.”

Hoping that their act would not get buzzed were couple Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, who I saw audition in California. They grossed me out big time at their initial audition that I shouted for joy when Heidi pressed her buzzer. The Las Vegas native lit a blow touch on his tongue. Next, he brought out “the chainsaw of death” and he put down in his throat. Next, Ryan advised Heidi to remove her hands from the buzzer to her eyes as he put a drill down his throat. I have to admit I became High Pitch Jacob during the duration of the act. George praised their act, while Heidi stated that she cannot join their fan club. Meanwhile, Simon called him a living horror movie.

Because George Lopez was at the Judges’ table, the comedians had to step up to the plate. Kansas City native Ryan Beard attempted to make the audience laugh, but his original song did not sit well with audience and Simon buzzed him. As Ryan left the stage, comedian Sam Morill. Before he took the stage, Sam got a pep talk from Amy Schumer, who he had the chance to open for her. Sam talked about crushing his future son’s NBA dreams, a messy apartment and a broken relationship with a hoarder. He made Heidi laugh, and George Lopez liked his storytelling ability.

Singer Brian Justin Crum closed out the round! He blew the judges away when he covered Queen’s “Somebody to Love” during his audition. Now with the stakes higher than ever, he returned to the show and delivered a spectacular cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” that blew everyone away. His powerful vocal range already puts him on the same level of excellence that fellow Simon Cowell discovery Adam Lambert and Voice Season Nine winner Jordan Smith exuberate and I firmly believe that we found our first frontrunner of the season. He received a standing ovation from Howie, Heidi, and George.  Simon called his performance “breathtaking” and Mel B loved his vocal control. Heidi added that Brian gave her the chills and called him “one of the best singers that they have this season,” while Howie stated that his rendition was moving.

After a very difficult deliberation, the judges said goodbye to George Lopez and delivered the news that the acts waited all day to hear.

Moving on to the Dolby Theatre live shows: Malevo (George Lopez’s Golden Buzzer act), Alla & Daniel, Daniel Joyner, Tape Face, Ryan & AmberLynn, Blake Vogt & Brian Justin Crum!

Tomorrow night, former One Direction member and Simon’s protégé Louis Tomlinson closes out the Judges’ Cuts round!

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