Famous Faces Audition For ‘AGT 16’ Week 7

America's Got Talent on-air cast
Who impressed Howie, Heidi, Terry, Sofia, and Simon during week seven of ‘AGT: Season 16’ auditions. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 16 Judges’ Auditions continued! However, the acts that hoped to go immediately to the Dolby Theatre live shows were greatly disappointed. All the Golden Buzzers have been used! The last one was the historic group Golden Buzzer. The on-air team (judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum plus host Terry Crews) rewarded 9-year-old opera singer Victory Brinker.

However, some famous faces or acts had ties to household names that auditioned for Week Seven of AGT: Season 16 Judges’ Auditions. Who was successful? Did anyone get buzzed? Read on to find out!

After Terry and the judges got to their spots, it was time to get down to business. Father-son martial artists Temple London kicked off the night. The UK natives flew to America to compete on AGT for this opportunity. Their presentation was intriguing, and I loved their bo-staff fighting and gymnastics. Those flips from the son were superb, and Sofia called him a star. Howie called it “martial hearts,” and Simon called them “amazing.” Temple London received the first unanimous “Yes” of the evening. 

The Hiplet Ballerinas hoped to inspire dancers of all sizes to follow their dreams and encourage their love of dance as they auditioned for AGT. The quintet put a smile on my face, and they delivered an impeccable audition. I would be interested in seeing them in Las Vegas. Sofia loved the routine, while Heidi was mesmerized and Howie called them “Nutcrackers.” The ladies received the second unanimous “Yes” of the evening. 

After a series of bad auditions, I got so excited to see Sarah Potenza audition for AGT. She killed it on The Voice: Season Eight and made it to the Live Playoffs on Team Blake. Sarah sang “Worthy” and was the first singer to give me chills this evening! Sarah received a standing ovation from all four judges, and Howie called the song a hit. Simon praised her voice, song choice and called her “extraordinary.” All four judges gave Sarah her four “Yeses.” 

Brother-sister duo Michael & Angelina Novikova were inspired by their brother, who danced with their mom on AGT: Season 11 was buzzed by Howie. After the duo’s mother confronted the podcast host, the duo delivered superb choreography. They proved him wrong, and even Howie lead the “audience” in the standing ovation. The siblings received “Four Yeses,” and an apology from the veteran Got Talent judge. 

Acrobat Davide Z delivered a superbly hot routine that included some incredible strength. But both Howie and Simon were bored by the act, and he was eliminated from consideration. Meanwhile, Ehrlich traveled to the Philippines to audition for AGT. He revealed that he gave everything to follow his dreams. As the Pasadena Civic Center’s lights dimmed, Ehrlich brought out two light bars and twirled them across the stage to a haunting techno cover of “The House of the Rising Sun.” I loved his acrobatics and showmanship, especially when he brought out that glowing hula-hoop. I could see Ehrlich as a contender if he makes it to the next round. 

The judges noticed that there were a lot of families auditioning this year. Father-daughter duo Gene and Isabella Bernstein received four “Yeses” after their great ballroom dance. Meanwhile, the Owl and the Pussycat delivered a perfect trapeze audition that sent them to the next round. As the duos left the AGT stage, the sibling band Hello Sister met the judges. The trio performed an original song, “Middle School,” that focused on their experience in school. I thought the song was creative, and all three sisters have bright futures in the music industry. Simon gave them a standing ovation, however, Heidi and Howie did not like the performance. Thankfully, Howie and Heidi decide to provide them with one more chance as they voted them to the next round. 

I was surprised to see actor and voicetramentalist Michael Winslow audition for AGT. He entertained audiences throughout the decades as Sgt. Larvell Jones in the Police Academy franchise, Gremlins, and Spaceballs. However, he left the entertainment industry to raise his kids. The AGT judges were surprised to see Michael walk onto the stage and were eager to see him perform. I loved his storytelling, and he truly made me laugh and smile throughout his audition. Howie called Michael – “a trailblazer,” while Sofia called the performance “unique.” He received four “Yeses” from the judges and a ticket to the next round. 

32-year-old mentalist Kevin Micoud hoped to join AGT’s top magicians and mentalists such as Colin Cloud, the Clairvoyants, Oz Pearlman, and Shim Lim. He decided to involve Terry and the judges. He instructed Heidi and Sofia to pick two cards made up of AGT finalists and hoped to extract them from Terry and the women. However, he used some holograms that made my jaw drop! Terry correctly predicted the women’s picks, and Kevin revealed that he had a photo containing their predictions. In all honesty, Kevin changed the show forever with his act, and he received Four “Yeses.” 

Kyle Cragle transformed into Scarlet Business and revealed that he was an AGT superfan. The drag performer performed an exciting routine, but I would have buzzed him because he bored me. However, Simon liked Scarlet, and Sofia was impressed with the heels that he wore on stage. Scarlet got four “Yeses,” but I wanted to see him perform without drag. 

Singer Ray Singleton had the honor of closing out the episode. The 31-year-old singer performed a song to his wife – a U.S. Navy veteran and a brain cancer survivor. Before he sang, Ray revealed that his wife was “cancer-free.” Ray’s voice reminded me so much of EGOT icon John Legend, and I believe that this song would be a radio and streaming smash. His wife, Robyn, came out to celebrate and speak with the judges. It was a moving moment and Ray received four “Yeses.”

Next week, the Auditions conclude!

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