Emma’s Dark Plan revealed as Old Friends Return to “Once Upon a Time”

The Dark Swan unleashed her evil plan on Storybrooke! Did Captain Hook survive? (Photo property of ABC)

The Dark Swan unleashed her evil plan on Storybrooke! Did Captain Hook survive? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Dark Swan has turned into be one of the most dangerous villains Storybrooke has ever faced.

Ever since Emma sacrificed herself to save Regina from returning to the dark side, the one-time Savior has done some unforgivable acts. One, she took the memories of their Camelot adventure because she thought that they betrayed her. Two, she manipulated Violet into breaking her own son’s heart to release Merlin back from his prison in Camelot.  Three, she enslaved Merida and tasked her with transforming Mr. Gold into a hero, who pulled the broken Excalibur from the stone.

Now that Emma has merged the legendary sword with the Dark One Dagger, she can finally fulfill her mission!  What is that mission? Read on to find out….

Back in Camelot, things were not looking good for our heroes as Zelena revealed her alliance with Arthur and they were able to use Excalibur to control Merlin. The dastardly duo lured Emma out of hiding and demanded that she handed over the Dark One dagger or they would harm her family and friends. Arthur threatened to unleash Merlin unless Emma handed over the dagger and the flame needed to make Excalibur whole again. As Zelena prodded Emma, Emma revealed a decoy and tied Zelena to a tree. Arthur forced Merlin to try to kill Snow, but with Emma’s encouragement…Merlin was able to break Arthur’s hold on him!

While the villains retreated, Regina bonded with Emma over the temptation that darkness brings. The former Evil Queen begged Emma to admit why the Dark Swan wanted to hold onto the darkness.  Hook looked for Emma and she revealed to the pirate that she was afraid of their future together. She wanted a future with Hook immediately after they took away the darkness. However, just as Emma was about to merge the sword and the dagger, Hook bled to death. An angry Emma did not want Captain Hook to pass on to the afterlife and used dark magic to save his life and created a new Dark One in the form of Captain Hook.

Before the Storybrooke gang headed back to their dimension, Arthur and Zelena had one more trick up their sleeve. They traveled to DunBroch to find a magical source that would counter Merlin and Emma’s magic. First, they headed to the Witch’s cabin, where the Brave villainess revealed Merida’s quest to find the enchanted helmet.  The two villains were able to find the Scottish Queen and her former bodyguard, Mulan. They taunted Merida with the truth about the mythical helmet: it could control people to fight for them.  Before the two ran off, Zelena stole Merida’s inherited bow and the villains got a jump on the search for the object.

As the trio confronted Zelena and Arthur, Merida also learned from Ruby that the Camelot ruler killed her father. An enraged Merida promised that she would retrieve the helmet and make Arthur pay for his crime. With the help of her clansmen, Ruby and Mulan, they were able to drive away Arthur and Zelena and the dastardly duo retreated back to Camelot.

In present day Storybrooke, David, Robin and Hook confronted King Arthur in Storybrooke about his deceptive ways. Captain Hook chased down the villainous Camelot ruler deep into the forest. The King had the upper hand against the pirate, until Emma and a completed Excalibur intervened and saved Hook. Arthur was shocked to see the completed sword in the Dark One’s hands and Emma told him that Excalibur will not control people anymore. As Arthur fainted, Hook and Emma broke into a lover’s quarrel that ended with Hook demanding answers from the former savior. Emma said that all of this chaos she created was for him!

With Arthur locked away at the Sheriff’s office, Hook, Regina and the Charmings tried to plan for Emma’s attack. Hook visited the Golds and tried to get the squid ink, but failed because Emma got to them first.  The former villain explained to his arch-rival that Emma’s quest was focused on her atonement for an unknown sin.

Emma stated that he had to look for the truth and she showed him the newspaper of their future house. However, Emma lied to her love and stated that she would explain it to him when it was all over. As Hook fainted, Zelena was about to give birth! Robin and Regina thought that the Wicked Witch was faking it, but she went into labor.  With the help of Dr. Whale, Zelena delivered a beautiful baby girl. Just before Zelena or Regina could hold their latest family member, Emma swooped in and kidnapped Zelena.

Hook regained consciousness and woke up tied up right next to the Wicked Witch of the West! Emma revealed that she was going to put the darkness into the Wicked Witch, so she can be good again and that the town could be free from the Wicked Witch’s clutches. While Emma was heading outside to face Regina and her parents, the good captain freed Zelena’s magic brace with his hook and once Zelena was free…she freed the pirate!

As the two new allies walked out of the basement, the Wicked Witch escaped as Hook remained to try to save Emma. The Dark One confronted her parents and the Evil Queen by using Excalibur to creating a barrier around the house. As Emma walked back inside the house, Captain Hook used the squid ink on Emma and asked her explain herself.  Before Emma could explain what happened, Zelena gleefully showed Hook his dream catcher and the pirate’s memories were restored! However, he was outraged to learn that Emma turned him into a Dark One.

In two weeks, Hook goes after Gold and Merida confronts for Arthur!

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