Emma “reunites” with Lily on “OUAT”

Lily Agnes Brucker debuts on OUAT

Maleficent’s daughter & Emma’s long-lost friend, Lily (Agnes Bruckner) finally makes her re-appearance. (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Could Emma Swan turn out to be a villain?

Concerned fans have been pondering that question since season one!

Over the course of the show, Emma has gone through multiple traumatic events. From losing the loves of her life to the villains (Graham to Regina & Neal to Zelena) and the extreme trials and tribulations that she went through in her emotional showdowns with Regina, Gold, Cora, Pan, Ingrid and the Queens of Darkness to losing faith in her parents and murdering a harmless Cruella de Vil, all the elements are right to see if the Savior is going down the Anakin Skywalker route and possibly become the most feared villain in Storybrooke history.

But, could a long-lost friend (and one of the Charmings’ biggest mistakes) derail or accelerate Emma’s descent into darkness?

Tonight, Lily (aka Maleficent’s daughter) reunited with Emma for the first time in years! Was their reunion genuine or did it turn deadly? Read on to find out…

Back in the Enchanted Forest, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice visited his master and talked about the Author’s treachery. His master could not change fate and told his apprentice that both Emma and Lily’s fates were intertwined.

While the Author and Gold mourned Cruella in Storybrooke, he was furious with Gold about manipulating the events that lead to Cruella’s death. At Granny’s, the Charmings and their allies tried to console Emma after she killed Cruella and wanted to go after Gold. Unfortunately, an uninvited villainess interrupted their meeting! Maleficent revealed that she defected Gold’s side and wanted Emma to find her daughter!

As the Charmings were shocked with the news, Maleficent revealed that her daughter was Lily. That name sent Emma on the run to the library and remembered her second encounter with her daughter. Regina advised Emma to push fate aside and asked Emma to join her on her Robin Hood rescue trip in New York City.

While Gold set his sight on Belle and Will, Emma and Regina found out that Lily lived an hour from each other. As the duo arrived in Lowell, Massachusetts, one of the tenants stated that Lily was killed in a car wreck and added that she was a “real loser.” Emma’s dark side began to show when she attacked the tenant who was badmouthed her friend.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold confronted Will Scarlett and revealed to Belle’s new love that Regina ripped out her heart. While he tasked Will to get Belle’s heart back from Maleficent, Regina and Emma encountered a wild wolf…which caused them to lose a flat tire and it lead them to Lily (who went by the name of Starla). While Emma revealed her identity to Maleficent’s daughter, Lily refused to believe her childhood friend and stated that she clearly did not buy into what Emma was selling.

While Lily continued to showcase that she was still a pathological liar, the Charmings begged Maleficent for forgiveness. The Mistress of All Evil accused the Charmings of transforming Lily into a monster and stated that her daughter may not forgive them.   Unbeknownst to the Charmings, Lily kept tabs on everyone in Storybrooke and made a hit list that featured Snow and Charming at the top.

As Maleficent taunted Gold, the Dark One revealed that Lily was going to put Emma back on her dark path. Emma and Regina debated that they would hurt Lily and Zelena in order to save their loved ones. Once they caught up with Lily, Maleficent’s daughter played a deadly game of chicken with their vehicles.

Lily revealed her intentions of hurting her parents and goaded Emma into killing her. As Lily goaded her, Regina begged her to put the gun down because the road to redemption would be much harder and she would destroy her family.

We also learned how Lily learned all about Storybrooke and her past from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (who made it to the real world). As Emma, Regina and Lily headed to face Zelena, Mr. Gold revealed that his heart was going black and he could not stop hurting her.

Unfortunately, Regina hit a roadblock when it came to saving Robin Hood! Zelena is pregnant and Robin is not leaving her behind!

Next week, Lily and Maleficent plot their revenge against the Charmings and Cora (Barbara Hershey) returns!




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