Ellie Kemper visits ‘AGT’ For Season 14 Judge Cuts

Actress Ellie Kemper (middle) joined the America’s Got Talent judges for week three of Season 14 Judge Cuts. (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Actress and frequent Ellen DeGeneres Show substitute host Ellie Kemper visited America’s Got Talent (AGT).  She joined series creator Simon Cowell, AGT stalwart Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, and Julianne Hough at the Judges’ Desk.  Which act did The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star sent to the Dolby Theatre Live Shows?  Read on to find out!

After Terry introduced the judges and Ellie Kemper, he invited the actress to test drive the Golden Buzzer. Greg Morton kicked off the evening with hopes to make his 40-year dream come true. The Star Wars superfan was ecstatic to be at the Universal Studios Hollywood and stated that the film studios inspired his new set. He shared his favorite movie moments from Jurassic Park and Good Morning Vietnam to E.T. and Toy Story, Greg gave me chills with his performance. His routine received a standing ovation from all five judges, and he did an impromptu “Bobby” off with Bobby’s World creator Howie Mandel.

Former Dancing with the Stars backup singer Carmen Carter returned for her chance to compete for the $1,000,000 grand prize. She performed a sultry cover of “Come Together,” which brought the Universal Studios Hollywood audience to their feet. Ellie Kemper called the performance “unbelievable,” while Howie called her “worthy of making it to the Dolby Theatre.”

Illusionist Nicholas Wallace invited Terry to join him on stage, but the judges found his routine boring. Meanwhile, Ray Underwood and Magic delivered a subpar performance. Tambourine player Gonzo traveled from Japan to face off for a spot in the Season 14 live shows. He did an interesting routine to “I Need A Hero,” which put a smile on Ellie Kemper’s face. Julianne thanked Gonzo for waking them all up, while Howie praised his usage of the element of surprise.

Argentinian Malambo group Revolution brought fire and insane choreography for their Judge Cuts performance. Gabrielle loved the performance, and Simon added that they stepped up. Marcin Patrzalek missed his high school graduation for AGT. He delivered an outstanding guitar solo that made me want to do the Paso Doble with Julianne. All five judges were on their feet, and Gabrielle declared him a “rock star.” Ellie Kemper called him a “virtuoso,” while Julianne Hough predicted that he could win the competition.

Singer Jacob Norton disappointed Simon, while pianist-dancer Patrizio Ratto received a bad critique from Howie. Seeing their disappointing auditions made young singer Ansley Burns flashback to her Judge Auditions, where she was almost eliminated from the competition. Sadly, the same thing happened again when the “Good Girl” backing track overpowered her. However, Ainsley delivered a better vocal when she sang A cappella.  Gabrielle loved that she took a gamble, while Ellie Kemper called the performance “beautiful.”

Light Balance Kids hoped to follow their mentors’ footsteps and make it to the Dolby Theatre live shows. These 11 and 13-year-olds traveled from Ukraine to showcase their talent. I saw shades of *NSYNC, iLuminate, and their teachers in their performance. The kids’ routine made me scream in delight and I could see them in the Season 14 finale. Ellie Kemper called the performance “a spectacle” and gave them her Golden Buzzer!

After a rare Eric Cowell appearance, New York City-based trio Stephanie’s Child stepped onto the stage. They threw shade at Simon when he hated their vocal performance, but Stephanie’s Child delivered a rousing Demi Lovato medley of “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Confident,” which received another “X” from Simon.  New Orleans-based opera and danger act Nick and Lindsay wanted to appease Simon with their Judge Cuts performance. The performance was intriguing and made Ellie Kemper scream in horror!

Duo MaintenanT returned for the opportunity to perform at the Dolby Theatre and Howie called the routine: “seamless” and “smooth.” Julianne declared them…the best duo. However, hand-balancing act Edson and Leon might want to say: “Hold My Beer!” They may not make viewers sweat like the Messoudi Brothers, but this duo has impeccable power. Edson and Leon blew everyone away with the Judges’ Auditions performance. For their Judge Cuts performance, Edson and Leon dressed up as Up’s Carl and Russell. The Brazil-based act performed their strength act to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and immediately wowed Ellie Kemper. The stunts were spectacular and the entire Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage exploded with applause.

40-year-old NYC rat trainer Melissa Arleth brought her rats to the Season 14 Judge Cuts. In all honesty, I skipped this segment because I still find rats gross! Soul singer MacKenzie concluded the evening. Before he took the stage, MacKenzie shared that he suffered a vocal hemorrhage and nearly lost his voice. However, MacKenzie did not lose his precious voice and delivered a beautiful rendition of “Faithfully.” This was probably one of the best vocal performances of the season that received a standing ovation from Ellie Kemper and the judges!

After saying goodbye to Ellie Kemper, the judges revealed who will be joining Light Balance Kids at the Season 14 Live Shows. The acts that made the cut were Greg Morton, Marcin Patrzalek,

Next week, the Season 14 Judge Cuts conclude as former Tonight Show host and comedy legend Jay Leno joins the panel!

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