A Conversation with Duo Transcend‘s Tyce & Mary Wolfe-Nielsen

Duo Transcend’s Mary Wolfe-Nielsen and Tyce Nielson performed spectacular stunts on America’s Got Talent: The Champions: Season Two (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a thrill to welcome America’s Got Talent: The Champions-Season Two Runner-Ups Duo Transcend’s Tyce and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen to Jake’s Take. 

Duo Transcend made their first debut on America’s Got Talent: Season 13. The duo’s spellbinding stunts transfixed Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum, who voted them through the next round. However, the pair unintentionally made headlines during the Judges Cuts rounds. Tyce accidentally dropped Mary near the very end of their stunt. The accident was featured on CNN, FOX News, and Parade. 

Despite the accident, the judges voted Duo Transcend to advance to the Dolby Theatre live shows. Tyce and Mary thrived during the Season 13 live shows and made AGT history when they became the first aerial and trapeze act to make it to the season finale. After they made the Top 10, the duo performed at several NBA halftime shows and with Cirque Du Soleil.

Duo Transcend returned to America’s Got Talent: The Champions: Season Two for a chance of redemption. Their stunts blew Simon, Howie, Heidi, and new judge Alesha Dixon away. The AGT superfans voted them to the semifinal, but it took Simon and the ladies to advance them to the Season Two finale

In this edition of A Conversation, Duo Transcend talked about incorporating roller skates into their semifinal performance, the lessons they learned from AGT Champions, and revealed which top talk show they performed on. 

Jacob Elyachar: Congratulations on making it to the Top Two of America’s Got Talent: The Champions-Season Two! What did it mean for you two to participate in this season? 

Duo Transcend’s Mary Wolfe-Nielsen: It was the most incredible experience to be a part of Champions! We trained our butts off for this! We thought of every possible thing we could to make our performances better and being able to show America and the world our hard work was so cool. We were just so thankful for the opportunity to compete again on the biggest stage in the world! 

Jacob Elyachar: In the semifinals round, you incorporated roller skates into your routine. I called you out on social media because I initially thought you plagiarized Billy and Emily England’s act. For that, I genuinely apologize. Why did Duo Transcend decide to incorporate the roller skates into your performance, even if you unknowingly got heat from fans? 

Duo Transcend’s Mary Wolfe-Nielsen: Many people do not realize that the roller-skating act that we and Billy and Emily do is a vintage circus act. People have been doing that very act since the early 1900s and earlier. We learned the skating before we knew who Billy and Emily were. We knew going on AGT would be difficult, and if all we had were a trapeze act, then we would not make it very far, so we knew incorporating the skating would give us an edge and make us more likely to move onto the finals.

Duo Transcend upped their game by being blindfolded during the America’s Got Talent: The Champions-Season Two finale. (Video property of NBC)

Jacob Elyachar: What were some of the challenges that Duo Transcend faced creating routines for America’s Got Talent: The Champions? How did you overcome those obstacles? 

Duo Transcend’s Tyce Nielsen: Keeping our nerves to a minimum was the hardest part about being on Champions. We knew we were up against the best in the world! It’s the nerves that take most performers off their game. We told AGT that we needed to have our son Jaxx close by because he helps Mary and I calm down. When we get stressed or nervous, we like to play with Jaxx! He’s 4-years-old and loves to play! He’s also our good luck charm.

Jacob Elyachar: What were some of the lessons that you learned from America’s Got Talent: The Champions that you two would incorporate into the next chapter in your career? 

Duo Transcend’s Tyce Nielsen: The biggest lesson we learned was, “always trust your gut feeling.” Mary and I have lived by that rule, and it has guided us through some very tough situations. We knew we had put in the practice, and we knew we were capable of winning the show and trusting ourselves, and following that gut feeling is what brought us as far as it did.

Jacob Elyachar: What has Duo Transcend been up to since America’s Got Talent: The Champions-Season Two aired?

Duo Transcend’s Mary Wolfe-Nielsen: We have had many shows reach out to us and tell us they want us to be on their show! We now perform all over the world doing all kinds of events which include performances for Amazon, Google, The Ellen Show, NBA halftime shows and many other incredible opportunities that have come because of Champions.

Jacob Elyachar: If you had the opportunity to meet with performers who want to audition for America’s Got Talent, what advice would you share with them? 

Duo Transcend’s Tyce Nielsen: Do not be afraid to take risks!! Without risking something, you will never grow, and you will never know what you are capable of. If you play it safe and comfortable, chances are people won’t appreciate what you do. Practice your craft relentlessly! Think hard about how you can improve, be honest with yourself, and make the changes you know you need to. And most of all, “follow your gut feeling.”

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