Dark Hook Unleashes his Wrath on Storybrooke

Captain Dark One OUAT

No one was safe as the Dark Hook unleashed his fury onto Storybrooke. (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Two weeks ago, Once Upon a Time viewers learned what act that caused the Savior to go dark.

That act was actually saving Captain Hook’s life. When the Good Captain was mortally hurt in an attack by Arthur and Zelena and slowly dying of his injuries, Emma made Captain Hook fall in the darkness as the latest Dark One.

Thanks to Zelena’s prodding, Captain Hook now knows the truth and he’s pissed!

Who will be Dark Hook’s first victim? Can Emma rekindle her relationships with her family and Regina? Or will the Dark Hook prove to be a much bigger problem than Dark Swan?

Read on to find out….

In Storybrooke, Hook and Zelena celebrated their new alliance by taking away Emma’s magic and memories. With her magic useless, Regina and the Charmings broke into Emma’s hideout. After reviving her, Emma spilled the beans on why she turned Hook to the dark side and her flawed and failed plan to give the Dark One darkness to the Wicked Witch. Despite throwing their best shade, Snow and Regina tried to help Emma come up with a strategy to “clean up this mess.” Unfortunately, the only solution that the heroes could come up with (Emma’s dreamcatchers) vanished from the property.

While the heroes were looking for Emma’s stolen dreamcatchers, Captain Guyliner paid Mr. Gold and Belle a visit to their shop. As Hook described his torture mentions to his potential victim, Gold wanted him to get on with his murder. However, Captain Dark One had another idea: a duel with his longtime foe on his ship. He also revealed to the shocked couple that he had a completed Excalibur in his possession and challenged the newly baptized hero to take it from him.

Gold shared the encounter with Emma, Regina and the Charmings about Hook’s visit. Emma offered her protection against Hook and asked them to remove Zelena’s magic brace. Henry confronted her mother on her selfishness and advised the gathered group to not let Emma have her magic back.  As Henry sulked, the group advised Emma to let them save her and sit on the sidelines.

Before Gold faced Hook, he shared his possible final moments with his wife. Just as he prepared to face his destiny, Regina faced off against her sister who demanded to see her daughter. As Zelena prepared to face off for her daughter, Hook knocked out Merida and used mental warfare on Dark Swan. She licked her wounds and tried to get Gold to assist her.

As Gold laughed her off, Regina and Robin set up Zelena’s parental visits with her daughter and had a tender moment with the baby.  Meanwhile, Emma apologized to Henry and asked for his assistance in Operation Kobra: Part Two. While Emma and Henry raced to the Storybrooke clock tower to find the dreamcatchers, Dark Hook was about ready to kill his longtime nemesis. However, Mr. Gold got the upper hand and instead of killing him, he wanted to remember the day that he bested the captain.

He hoped to receive a second chance with her wife at the well. But, sadly…Belle left her husband to figure out her personal identity. As Gold was left heartbroken, Emma gave everyone their memories back and she figured out what Hook’s plan was: open the gate directly to the Underworld and bring every single Dark One to town.

Next week, its Storybrooke versus Hook, Nimue and an army of Dark Ones.

Quote of the Show: “What the hell is Captain Dark One up to?”-Regina

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