DaNica Shirey stands alone against “The Voice” men

The Voice Top Eight

While “The Voice: Season Seven” Top Eight made funny faces, this author is ticked that DaNica is the last girl standing. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a true shame that DaNica Shirey is the last female artist standing!

Anita Antoinette, Alessandra Castronovo, Toia Jones and Jean Kelley should be in the places of Chris Jamison, Taylor John Williams, Luke Wade and (especially) Ryan Sill.

However, we learned from last season’s X Factor UK, you can still be the last girl standing and win the competition (come to the USA, Sam Bailey)!

Did DaNica out sing her competition? Read on to find out…

I am extremely happy that Ryan Sill got the death slot (opening the night). This spot is cursed on multiple shows. Meaning if you sing first, you are more than likely to leave the show! For weeks, Ryan Sill has made his presence known in an AWFUL way. He has butchered multiple songs for three weeks in a row! His cover of Journey’s “Open Arms” was out-of-tune and way out of his vocal range. It is time for him to stop dreaming and accept the fact that he is in the Final Eight, because of teenage girls…who do not appreciate true music! F

Team Blake has one finalist left in the competition…and it is Craig Wayne Boyd! He is tackled one of the best Eagles’ hits: “Take It Easy.” I was very impressed with the fact that Craig finally did an up-tempo song on the show. Unlike Ryan Sill, Craig captured the attention of the audience from the first note. He was extremely entertaining and showed a lot of passion on stage! A

DaNica Shirey was a little hesitant with her song selection: Heart’s “These Dreams.” While it was outside of her wheelhouse, I thought she delivered a beautiful performance. When I was listening to her sing, I thought I heard Carrie Underwood’s vocals. DaNica looked like a diamond and it gave me chills. Not only did she make the Wilson sisters proud, but also I believe that she could be this competition’s Underwood or Sam Bailey! A+

After the Top Eight sang with Nick Jonas, it was Damien’s turn to take the stage. Team Adam’s resident soul man tackled one of Adele’s signature songs: “Someone Like You.” I liked the way that Damien tackled the song with his upper falsetto. As the song continued, it was interesting to hear his interpretation of Adele’s signature vocal runs. This performance was so soothing to the ears and sealed Damien’s ticket to the Top Five! A

If there is one song that no one should touch on a Reality TV show…it is Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” This is a classic and in all honesty, I thought that Chris Jamison spit on Marvin Gaye’s grave with his boring interpretation! We already have a couple of Pop and R&B performers rocking the charts (ie: Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Usher & Enrique Iglesias) and it seems like Chris is a pretender and I do not like pretenders! D

Speaking of pretenders, Luke Wade is another pretender that I am getting tired of seeing on my TV! During both the pre-performance package and the live performance, his vocals were sharp and I lost interest in his performance! It was a total bore and I think it is time for Luke to go! D-

For the first time this season, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell teamed up to debut their latest single: “Spark the Fire.” Gwen is an impeccable rapper and Pharrell energized the audience with his superb energy. It was also apparent to see the duo’s love for emoticons as they flashed across the screen.

As a Kansas City Royals fan, there is one song that I love so much: Lorde’s “Royals.” Taylor John Williams walked on sacred ground tonight when he tackled the tune. I loved the Folk Rock-Jazz hybrid twist that he gave to the song. It was mysterious and very radio friendly. This was one of Taylor’s best performances! B+

Matt McAndrew once again closed the night! This time, he covered Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter.” He had a huge hurdle to climb as one of my all-time favorite male vocalists that has ever appeared on the show, Chris Mann, covered it perfectly! While Chris had power vocals and his coach, Xtina, backing him…it was a very touching performance. This was the first time that Matt impressed me and I think he is a dark horse that can win this thing for Team Adam. A-

Tomorrow night, three artists will be eliminated from the show as RaeLynn comes home to debut a new single!

Tomorrow night, three artists will be eliminated from the show as RaeLynn comes home to debut a new single!

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