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By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a pleasure to welcome Joe Moravsky to Jake’s Take.

To many American Ninja Warrior (ANW) fans, Joe Moravsky is known as the Ninja Weatherman. Since his debut on NBC’s obstacle course series in 2013, Joe Moravsky has made it to the Las Vegas finals five years in a row. Also, he was a part of Team USA twice in ANW’s USA versus The World television specials. He was also a team captain for the first two seasons of Team Ninja Warrior.

Outside of Ninja Warrior, Joe works as a freelance Meteorologist for News 12 Connecticut, a part-time gymnastics and parkour coach at Vasi’s International Gymnastics, and is also the owner of The Weather Warrior, LLC.  He recently partnered with Macy’s to promote their new clothing line, “Ideology’s Men’s.”

In this edition of A Conversation, Mr. Moravsky opened up about his time on American Ninja Warrior, how he balances all of his responsibilities, and why “Ideology’s Men’s” stands out against the overcrowded men’s fitness wear line.

JE: Could you describe how you prepare for the American Ninja Warrior courses to my readers?

JM: One of the main exercises that I incorporate into my training is pull-ups. If you cannot do 15 pull-ups in a row, then it would be tough to compete on American Ninja Warrior. Rock climbing is another important part of my training as well and some cross training. I value incorporating rock climbing over ninja training as I prepare for American Ninja Warrior.

JE: How has being a part of the American Ninja Warrior family helped you grow as an athlete? 

JM: The main factor that contributes most of my success, plus all of the other competitors’ success on the show is that we like to talk about the obstacles. While we share our ideas about how to conquer the course, it is really “You versus the course.” From the city qualifying and finals courses to the first two stages of the Vegas finals, we are all rooting for each other. However, once the competition reaches Stage Three and (if you are lucky) Stage Four of the Vegas finals, then the friendly competition ends. (Laughs)


(Photo property of NBC; courtesy of Joe Moravsky)

JE: Joe, you have participated in five cycles of American Ninja Warrior. What have been some of your favorite highlights?

JM: One of my favorite memories came from Season Six. I was the very first guy to hit a buzzer on Stage Two of the Vegas finals. It was a heck of a season, and it was amazing to hit that buzzer and to see the audience go crazy. I was the last person to run Stage Two, and all the other ninjas were eliminated. Some of the athletes and show producers came up to me and said: “Joe, you are the Savior of Season Six” and added that if I failed Stage Two, it would have been the end of the season.

JE: In addition to your “American Ninja Warrior” training, you also have added responsibilities as a meteorologist for News 12 Connecticut, a part-time coach for Vasi’s International Gymnastics, and own the Weather Warrior LLC.  What are some of the challenges that you face in balancing all of your responsibilities? How do you overcome those obstacles?

JM: Just like American Ninja Warrior, I have to plan and think about my schedule. Recently, I participated in the 2017 Wolfpack Ninja Tour, where I am a part of the tour’s Pro Team. Also, Ninja Warrior also has other competitions that I am involved in such as Team Ninja Warrior. I had to give up working at Vasi’s International Gymnastics because I did not want to be an awkward position where I had committed work hours, and I have to bow out because of my obligations to the show.  I am also a Freelance Meteorologist for News 12 Connecticut. The station managers understand that my schedule is blocked from February or March to July. I have to be ready for when the American Ninja Warrior production team calls. I am 28-years-old, I am not going to be able to do Ninja Warrior forever. I love being a meteorologist and I see myself being in the position when I am 40, 50, and 60-years-old. But at those ages, I would not be able to compete to the best of my ability.  That is why I am taking the time to focus all of my energies on being the best Ninja Warrior I can be.

JE: Recently, you have partnered with Macy’s to promote their clothing line: “Ideology Men’s.” In your opinion, how does Ideology’s Men stand out from its competitors?

JM: Ninja Warrior has a stringent “no logo policy.” It is tough for the athletes to find clothes that do not have either a Nike or Under Armor logo. I have been wearing the Ideology’s Men on the show. Ideology Men’s has great clothes! I love the shorts.  I do not think that I have shorts that not only have different pockets within them but are also athletic! If I have to coach classes on tour or have both my phone and keys in my pocket, I can lock them up. I do not have to worry about both items falling to the floor and fans grabbing my things while wearing Ideology Men’s shorts. It is an honor to be partnered with Ideology’s Men.

JE: If you had the chance to meet with “American Ninja Warrior” fans who want to try out for Season 10, what advice would you share with them?

JM: I would advise them to cross train as much as possible. If you are going to compete on American Ninja Warrior, you cannot be just a good climber or a basketball player. All athletes should be well-rounded and be willing to adapt. Playing basketball did get me ready for Ninja Warrior. Whenever I played basketball growing up, I was the point guard. I was able to control the ball, call out plays, control the pace of the game, and adapt on the fly.  I believe that both basketball and Ninja Warrior go hand-in-hand. Each sport individually will have something that athletes can use when they tackle the course.

To find out if Joe makes it past Stage Two, watch the “American Ninja Warrior: Season Nine” finale tonight on NBC.

For more information about Joe Moravsky, visit his website.

You can also connect with the Ninja Weatherman on social media. Visit Joe’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube channels.

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