Comedy Roast Night invades ‘Masked Singer 8’

Masked Singer Season 8 Comedy Night contestants - Avocado, Snowflake and Bride
Avocado and Snowstorm hoped to steal the crown away from reigning champion Bride on Comedy Roast Night. (Photos property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Masked Singer turned its stage into a comedy club for Comedy Roast Night!

Two new challengers, Avocado and Snowstorm, entered the stage to take on the Bride, who outsang music legend George Clinton and boxing icon George Foreman, last week. Did either of them took the crown away from him? Or did he continue his winning streak?  Plus, did our panel (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the eliminated celebrities’ identities?

After watching Jenny’s behind-the-scenes antics, Nick Cannon walked out to Katy Perry’s “Smile.” Dr. Ken pranced to the Masked Singer stage to kick off the Comedy Roast Night and entered a Roast battle with “daddy” Nick. The reigning Queen, Bride, kicked off the night. I am surprised that Bride knocked out George Foreman. The Bride’s clue package included a set list, “act up,” and went after Jenny’s wedding dress. Bride sang Billy Idol’s “White Wedding,” and I thought I heard legendary wrestler Chris Jericho’s voice. SNL and Rat Race actor Jon Lovitz delivered the night’s first clue – they have a movie career and loved to showcase their chest. Robin guessed Red Hot Chilli Peppers icon Flea, while Ken suggested Matthew McConaughey. Nicole concluded the round with David Arquette. 

Newcomer Snowstorm dropped the temperature on The Masked Singer. The Snowstorm’s clue package included “cold-blooded,” worked in the industry since she was 18 years old, and Pitch Perfect. I thought Snowstorm was Anna Kendrick while she sang Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, next.” Jon Lovitz revealed that she shared the stage with Rob Lowe and Ken Jeong in the comedy corner, and Ken thought it was either Heather Graham or Kathryn Hahn. Nicole thought Zooey Deschanel but changed it to Iliza Shlesinger. Robin ended the round with Whitney Cummings. 

Avocado Mask was the last newcomer to take the Masked Singer stage tonight. His pre-performance package contained a bald eagle, a construction worker, and a podcast microphone. It was hard for me to pick out Avocado’s voice as he sang Ray Charles’s “Hit the Road Jack.” Jon Lovitz’s clue revealed that he was into home renovation. Nicole thought it was Harrison Ford, but then she made some sense with Joe Rogan. Jenny thought it was Marc Maron, and Robin thought it was Tim Allen. 

The audience voted to send the Bride home and the Avocado and the Snowstorm into the Masked Singer: Season Eight Battle Royale. The panel’s final guesses regarding the Bride included Matthew McCougnahey, Vin Diesel, Flea, and Sammy Hagar. None of the panelists were right, but I was correct…BRIDE was WRESTLING ICON CHRIS JERICHO! 

Llama Mask and comedian Drew Carey officiated the Masked Singer Battle Royale. Tonight’s song was Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” Avocado was way out of his league, while Snowstorm sang a fantastic cover of the Carly Simon classic that made me smile. 

The panelists crowned Snowstorm – the new Queen of Masked Singer. The final guesses focused on Tim Allen (Robin), Marc Maron (Jenny), Dax Shepherd (Ken), and Joe Rogan (Nicole). For the second time tonight, the panel guessed incorrectly AVOCADO was ADAM CAROLLA! 

Next week is Fright Night!

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