The Clairvoyants return to “America’s Got Talent” as finalists are revealed

(Photo property of Sebastian Konopix; Courtesy of the Clairvoyants)

By: Jacob Elyachar,  

Last year, The Clairvoyants’ Thommy Tan and Amelie van Tass took the world by storm as they took mentalism to a whole another level of excellence.

Throughout each stage of the competition, Thommy and Amelie blew the judges and audiences away with their impeccable routines that landed them in the Season 11 finale. After they were named the Season 11 runner-ups, the Clairvoyants joined winner Grace VanderWaal and fan favorite Tape Face at the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.  Following their stint, The Clairvoyants made their Broadway debut when they joined the cast of The Illusionists-Turn of the Century. After the production’s final curtain call, the Clairvoyants continued to tour around the world entertaining audience members nightly with their spectacular performances.

Just like the Clairvoyants, 11 acts all hope that they would have the chance to pursue the $1,000,000 prize in the Season 12 finale.  Whose dreams were crushed? Who had to prepare for the Season 12 finale immediately? Which acts needed either the Dunkin’ Save or the Judges’ Save to remain in the competition?  Read on to find out.

During a recap of the first set of Season 12 semifinals performances, fans got a treat to see behind the scenes footage of what happened during the commercial breaks. After the 12 semi-finalists gathered on the Dolby Theatre stage to face America, Tyra revealed the three acts that were in danger of being eliminated from the competition.  Chase Goehring, Eric Jones, and Evie Clair were the second to last recipients who were up for the Dunkin’ Save and the Judges’ Save. I am a little surprised that Evie Clair is even up for elimination and that Eric Jones had to be up for either saves.

Howie made his first Dunkin’ Lounge appearance this season as he mingled with Sara and Hero, the Englands, Darci Lynn, and Mike Yung. After that visit, it was time to reveal who was going to the Finals.  PREACHER LAWSON received the first spot in the Season 12 finals, and Howie predicted that Preacher would be the next big comedic superstar to break out of AGT.  Sadly in a shocking elimination, both Johnny Emanuel and Yoli Mayor were eliminated from the competition. Hopefully, both of these amazing vocalists try out for Idol or The Voice in the future.

One moment that made me smile this evening was seeing Howie and Mel B fighting over a Kansas City Chiefs jersey during a promotion for Thursday Night Football.  As Tyra threw a jersey in the audinece, Buzzer Buddies returned as Simon and Howie faced off against the ladies. After a tie, Mel B and Heidi won the round after Mel B revealed that Heidi’s singing annoyed her.

The Clairvoyants returned to the stage to see if Mel B and Howie what it took to become the American Clairvoyants. Once Thommy put a blindfold on Howie, Amelie instructed Mel B to do the same thing. It was incredible to watch both of them raise their hands in unison. The Clairvoyants next challenged Howie to go inside Scary Spice’s mind. After Mel B picked out a word: “sunshine,” Howie felt the word passed through him and established them as the “American Clairvoyants.”

As the Clairvoyants exited stage right, Tyra announced that voting for the Dunkin’ Save closed and that AGT would be visiting Milwaukee for the first time. She also added that DARCI LYNN and SARA AND HERO (UGH!) joined Preacher in the Top Three.

America, I am VERY DISAPOINTED in you! It seems you value sympathy over talent! EVIE CLAIR should not have gotten the save. Her voice is average at best and once again, this proves my point that the Powers That Be should consider changing the age limit to 18 years old and starting a kids only version of Got Talent.

America’s stupid decision caused the judges to make a heartbreaking Judges Save decision. Heidi kicked off the vote by voting Eric into the finale. Mel B congratulated to both of them for getting before Scary Spice announced that she voted to save Chase for her 10-year-old. Simon took his time, but he decided to send through Chase. Howie made his final vote and chose CHASE to complete the line-up.

In all honesty, this is the weakest line-up of acts that I have EVER seen from AGT. SHAME on the voters who voted for average talent over astonishing talent.

Next week, the final set of acts perform for five spots in the Season 12 finale.



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