Circus 1903 headlines “America’s Got Talent: Season 12” Results Show

Circus 1903 provided the entertainment after an intense round of competition on “America’s Got Talent.” (Photo property of NBC & Circus 1903)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is appropriate that Circus 1903 were the guest performers for the Week Two Quarterfinals Results Show, because, for the first time in show history, America’s Got Talent, felt at times like an out of control circus.

Both Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer act, Light Balance, and escape artist Demian Aditya suffered from technical issues. What made matters worse for the NBC talent competition was that Got Talent creator and head judge Simon Cowell compared Aditya’s mishap to Mel B’s wedding night.  Scary Spice did not take that low brow comment well and threw water on Simon and promptly walked off the set. In all of my years watching and recapping AGT, I have never seen a round devolve into a circus nightmare.

While Mel B and Simon Cowell came to blows, several quarter-finalists rose to the occasion. Frontrunners Johnny Manuel and Mandy Harvey blew the audience away with their unique voices, while The Masqueraders had their nearly 50-year dream come true as they debuted their song: “I’m Just An Average Guy.” Plus, dancer Merrick Hanna and close-up magician Eric Jones made strong cases that they are strong contenders for the $1,000,000 prize.

I believed that tonight was going to be one of the most interesting results shows that we had in years. Did Simon and Mel B kiss and makeup? Who were the acts that were voted through by America? Which acts were up for both the Dunkin’ Save and the Judges’ Save?  Read on to find out!

However, for three acts, they were in danger of being eliminated from the competition and up for both the Dunkin’ Save and the end of the show’s Judges’ Save. The three acts that were nominated for the Dunkin’ Save: Eric Jones, Evie Clair, and the Masqueraders. I believe America is voting for Evie out of sympathy and not talent. I honestly wish that we had a judge like Christina Aguilera or Piers Morgan, who would be able to judge singers harshly and would not be hesitant in hurting people’s feelings.

After Heidi Klum made an appearance at the Dunkin’ Lounge, it was time to get to business. Brobots and Mandroidz and Light Balance were the first acts to receive the news from Tyra. As they gave each other fist bumps, Tyra revealed that despite technical difficulties, LIGHT BALANCE secured a spot in the semifinals.

Up next, singer Mandy Harvey and the Pompeyo Family Dogs were the next two acts to hear the news. The Dolby Theatre audience roared with delight when Tyra revealed that MANDY HARVEY would advance to the next round.

Las Vegas’ latest show, Circus 1903, made their national debuts. Circus 1903 captured the magic of the original circus complete with a contortionist, two elephant puppets, tumblers, strong people, and jugglers. The circus put a smile on my face, and I believe that a lot of people will go to Paris Las Vegas to watch Circus 1903 live in person.

As Tyra shook out Circus 1903’s elephants, it was time for both Johnny Manuel and Demian Aditya to learn their fates. I was happy to hear that JOHNNY MANUEL would be moving on to the Semifinals, Howie advised him to stay in the “Divo” lane, and he will go very far. The final three acts standing were Merrick Hanna, Celine Tam, and Mirror Image. CELINE TAM was the first act to be saved of the trio, which made Heidi jump for joy. The last act that was voted through by America was MERRICK HANNA! I loved his reaction, because of all of the kid acts that were remaining, Merrick is truly talented and deserves to go to the finale!

Once again, America got their Dunkin’ Save wrong! EVIE CLAIR is just there because of her sob story. She has taken a spot that rightfully belonged to either Eric Jones or the Masqueraders. Just like last week, this was going to be a painful Judges’ Save round. Both acts deserved to be in the Season 12 Semifinals.

Heidi Klum kicked off the vote by revealing the Masqueraders to be her choice. Meanwhile, Scary Spice chose to vote for Eric. Simon picked the Masqueraders to advance to the next round and apologized to Eric. It all came down to Howie and voted for Eric. After the Judges’ Deadlock, America declared that ERIC JONES would be moving on to the next round.

Next week, the America’s Got Talent: Season 12 quarterfinals conclude!

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