Catching Up with Scott Herman (The 2017 Edition)

Fitness entrepreneur Scott Herman returns to “Jake’s Take.” (Photo property of Scott Herman)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

I always enjoy when friend to the blog, Scott Herman, visits Jake’s Take!

As Jake’s Take’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration starts to wind down, I could not have thought of a better friend to help me celebrate this impeccable milestone.  Scott Herman is not only one of Jake’s Take’s favorite guests, but he is one of the best fitness entrepreneurs of his generation.

Over the past few years, Scott created a community of liked minded individuals who were looking to improve their overall health and fitness through his first website,, and now  Through Scott’s thorough workout and meal plans along with his excellent fitness advice that he gives out on Facebook Live and his YouTube channel, this supportive group of fitness aficionados known as Hermanites has been one of the most welcoming and premiere online fitness communities.

For this edition of Catching Up, Scott Herman shared the latest chapter in’s history, revealed which up-and-coming fitness YouTube content creators caught his attention, and why he prefers competing in Spartan Races and Tough Mudders over bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions.

Jacob Elyachar: How have you grown as a fitness entrepreneur since we last spoke?

Scott Herman: I would say my growth has been great over the last year.  Instead of only focusing on myself, I am now focused more on helping other content creators build their brands and getting them more involved with my website  We are also close to launching version two of our app which will be for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone. The primary goal is going to be to promote not only our supportive community but the fact that we now are aligning ourselves with other content creators who may not have super large social followings, but their content and information is definitely of high caliber.

JE: Your brand, MuscularStrength, released an app for fitness lovers and your community to use to track their fitness goals. Could you please describe the app to my readers and when can iPhone users expect to use the app?

SH: When we built our app we took all the things we loved about Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, and Bodyspace and simplified it in such a way that you can not only access hundreds of articles, recipes and workout programs.  But, you can also engage with other community members, upload photos & videos, and even ask for additional help in our forums.  As for launch of version 2 (iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android), we have a soft launch date for the middle of July!

JE: A few weeks after our 2016 interview, you reached 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers. Could you share with my readers about the exact moment you achieved this milestone?

SH: Reaching 1 million subscribers was a mind-blowing experience for me because I have always grown my channel organically.  No ads and no “purchased subscribers” so to know that 1 million people have personally clicked that subscribe button is just mind blowing.  In fact, we are only a few hundred subscribers away from reaching 1.5 million as we speak!  Insane!!  I hope one day to reach 10 million and receive the PLATINUM AWARD from YouTube, but more importantly, I will know I am helping a group of people the size of GREECE!!!

JE: On May 25, you celebrated your eighth year on YouTube. How have you grown as a content creator?

SH: I would say my growth has been in the form of that I don’t fall into trends and drama.  In the beginning, I would be more inclined to jump on “hot topics” for quick views.  But now, I know my informative content is MUCH more precious to my subscribers, so I stick to delivering to them only the best when it comes to reaching their goals!

JE: Scott, you inspired countless of fitness entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and embrace a fitter lifestyle. Who are some of the rising YouTube fitness content creators that have caught your attention?

SH: I would say one channel that caught my attention was the Anabolic Aliens.  When I first started working with these guys, they only had 500 subscribers and to be honest, most prominent YouTubers won’t collaborate with other creators unless they have 200,000+.  But not me.  I saw potential with these guys and have been working with them for over a year, and now they have well over 130,000 subscribers and keep growing.   I am VERY proud of them and can’t wait to see how large they will grow!

JE: During one of our earlier interviews, I asked if you would ever consider competing in bodybuilding or a powerlifting competition. Has the thought of competing in any fitness competitions crossed your mind? Why or why not would you compete?

SH: Competing in a competition on stage is not my thing. I like to challenge my body more along the lines of Spartan Races and Tough Mudders.  I try to always do at least once or twice a year depending on my travel schedule.  What I like best about these types of races is that I can choose to push myself to the limit or I can grab a group of friends and just go for some outdoor fun.  I suggest if you are thinking about trying one that you do!  You won’t regret it!

For more information about Muscular Strength, visit the website!

You can connect with Scott on social media. Visit his Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube channels.


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