Captain Swan goes on a date while Anna fights Rumple on “OUAT”

Gold and Hook deal OUAT Season Four

What kind of deal did Hook make with Rumple? Did the Dark One doublecross him? (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)


By: Jacob Elyachar,

Ever since Emma accidentally brought Marian and Elsa to Storybrooke, Captain Hook has been put in the Savior’s backburner.

However, our favorite lovesick pirate also made an interesting discovery! He learned that the truth about Rumple’s dagger and blackmailed the Pawn Shop owner to help him or else he would destroy Rumple’s marriage to Belle.

In addition to all of this action, a new threat has made her presence known to Storybrooke…Elsa’s aunt, the Snow Queen! While Elsa and Emma have forgotten about their ties to the icy villainess, Rumple ran into her and was ecstatic about making a potential deal with her soon.

What did Rumple scheme? Did he pull a double cross on Hook and Anna? Read on to find out…

After Emma asked him out, Hook visited his old nemesis for another deal. Mr. Gold refused, and then Hook brought out the Belle card. He asked Rumple to reattach his hand. The Dark One advised against it, because his hand would bring out his old nasty Enchanted Forest self. While Hook laughed at his bluff, Rumple warned: “don’t say I did not warn you!”

Snow, Charming and Elsa were impressed with Emma’s dress and like the Savior; they were shocked with Hook’s recently new wardrobe and reattached hand! While David thought the worse about the new Hook, Snow and Elsa reassured him that everything was fine. Unfortunately, at dinner…Hook started to return to his nasty self as he threatened Will Scarlett after he forced a waiter to pour wine on Emma.

Hook continued to lose control as he almost beat Will Scarlett to a bloody pulp! He decided to return to Mr. Gold and force him to reattach his hook. Rumple refused until Hook begged and Rumple stated that he needed his help to deal with an old foe. He transformed one of the broomsticks and it led the duo to the Apprentice. Next, Rumple trapped him inside the hat.

While Hook wanted to get out of the deal, Rumple blackmailed him as he magically erased his appearance in the video! Now, Rumple made his arch rival his right hand man. He also threatened that if he ruins his marriage to Belle, he will go after Emma!

However, Mr. Gold also added another new employee as well…but this time, a family member! Henry asked him for an apprenticeship in order to help Regina find the storybook author. Meanwhile, everyone learned that Will Scarlett does not remember his Once Upon A Time in Wonderland past and that the Snow Queen was not brought here by Regina’s curse!

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Anna finally met Rumpelstiltskin and wanted answers! He would give her information about her parents’ visit, in exchange for a deal. While Anna signed the contract, Rumple gave her a mini container of black liquid. He ordered her to visit the Sorcerer’s Apprentice! Anna thought that the jar was filled of poison, so she did not put it in his tea.

When she returned to Rumple, the Dark One revealed that the jar was the antidote to the poison and the Sorcerer was transformed into a mouse. Because, Anna did not honor her deal…Rumple threatened to lock her up in a tower, never to see Elsa or Kristoff again. She also helped him to get one step closer to his goal: gaining control of Yen Sid’s hat.

While he retrieved the hat, Anna outsmarted him and used the mouse to stop him. Once, she got control of the Dark One dagger, Anna commanded him to reveal why her parents visited him. Rumple revealed that her parents went to him to take away Elsa’s magic. She refused to believe that and commanded him to transport her back to Arendale. She reunited with her true love and shared the horrible news!

Next week, the Snow Queen unleashes Halloween terror onto Storybrooke!

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