Captain Swan face their ultimate test on “Once Upon A Time”

Did Hook and Emma survive their latest adventure in hell? (Photo property of ABC's Jack Rowand)

Did Hook and Emma survive their latest adventure in hell? (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

While watching Once Upon A Time over the past few seasons, I noticed that there is one relationship that has made its presence known in the OUAT fandom: Captain Swan.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the show or just started watching the ABC fairy tale drama, Captain Swan is the pairing of the roguish Captain Hook and the lovely Emma Swan. Since Hook’s one-sided flirtations back in Season Two, the relationship has evolved over the course of the show, and they were able to face almost every single obstacle in their path.

Until this season, when both of them became the new Dark Ones. While Emma tried to infuse good magic into the darkness, a vengeful Hook decided to fulfil the Dark Ones’ mission and take over the world. Emma and the Storybrooke gang stopped Hook and the Dark One army but at a terrible cost: Emma killed her true love. In the aftermath, Emma discovered that Hook’s longtime nemesis, Mr. Gold, once again became the Dark One and forced him to take her and the heroes into the Underworld to save Hook.

While they were able to reunite with Hook, they faced one impossible challenge. Hades, the dreaded Lord of the Underworld, carved their names onto tombstones in retribution for moving certain souls into the afterlife. In addition to harassing the heroes, Hades also threatened to take away Gold and Belle’s unborn child.  After his wife had borrowed Zelena’s sleeping curse which put herself to sleep, a desperate Gold recruited his deadly father, Peter Pan, into a scheme that involved kidnapping the Wicked Witch.

Will our lovebirds be able save the Wicked Witch from the deadly father-and-son duo? Read on to find out.

The heroes were skeptical when Regina shared the news that she not only bonded with her sister but also trusted Zelena with the task of turning Hades good. As the heroes bickered, Hades confronted the heroes and begged for their help rescuing Zelena from the Stiltskins.  Regina volunteered her services, but Hades asked for Emma’s help. In exchange for her assistance, Hades would erase her family’s names from the tombstones, and they would be able to return to Storybrooke very much alive!

It was an evil-versus-evil showdown in Underbrooke’s version of Granny’s Diner as Hades met with the sinister father and son duo. While Hades was revealed to see Zelena alive, he belittled the pair until Gold angrily demanded that Hades ripped up the contract. Hades ripped up the contract and then demanded that the Golds handed over Zelena to him. Just as Pan was able to steal Zelena’s heart, Emma arrived to save the day and assisted the villains in taking down the father and son team.  As the duo escaped, Hades and Zelena kissed and broke his curse…which now meant that Hades could leave the Underworld.

As promised Hades fulfilled his end of the bargain and removed the names on their tombstones, Emma tried to break her heart in two and give it to Hook. However, because Hook has been down in the Underworld for too long.  Hades told them about the ambrosia that was hidden deep in the Underworld and that only two mythical creatures were able to leave Hell successfully.  While Hook and Emma headed straight down in Hell, Pan blasted his son for betraying him and stated that he still wants a heart so he can return to the land of the living.

While the heroes waited for Emma and Hook to finish their task, several villains took advantage of the heroes. Gold snuck into the library and stole Robin Hood’s heart. Next, Cruella and the Blind Witch decided that the good guys were not leaving Underbrooke and locked them in the library.  As the heroes tried to break the Blind Witch’s force field, Captain Swan made it down to Hell’s basement.  After passing the Underworld’s test, Emma and Hook find no ambrosia and the rest of the party learned that Hades double-crossed them

With Hades, Zelena and Baby Hood’s departure from the Underworld, it was time to everyone to make a mad dash to the portal. Unfortunately, Captain Hook decided that he was NOT going back to Storybrooke. A brokenhearted Emma kissed her true love goodbye as she rose to the top of the Underbrooke library.  She reunited with her family and told them about Hook’s decision. As they raced to the portal, Gold got rid of his father and transported Belle into Pandora’s Box.  One by one, everyone left the Underworld!

Next week, everyone returns home, war breaks out and someone gets killed!



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