BGT Invades Week 2 of AGT Champions’ Sophomore Season

Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) judges Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon introduced Howie, Heidi, Terry, and AGT audience to some of their show’s top acts. (Photo property of NBC)

The British are coming! This week, several fan-favorite Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) alums are competing in the second week of America’s Got Talent: The Champions-Season Two. Stormtrooper-themed dance troupe Boogie Storm, magician and mentalist Marc Spelmann, crossbow enthusiast Ben Blaque, and Jake’s Take friends Collabro are all scheduled to face off tonight! 

Did either of these BGT acts advance? Who received the Golden Buzzer? Which acts joined Dania Diaz, Duo Transcend, and Hans in the semifinals? Read on to find out! 

After Terry Crews made his epic entrance and said hello to Howie, Heidi, and the two BGT judges, he revealed that Howie Mandel would pick the Golden Buzzer act. As Heidi and Simon took selfies, Pilipinas Got Talent winner Marcelito Pomoy entered the stage. The Got Talent winner’s life instantly changed after he won! Marcelito sang “The Prayer” in both a soprano and a tenor range. I saw him perform the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he blew me away again. He received a standing ovation from all four judges, and Howie called him a “beautiful, wonderful singer.” Alesha called it “absolutely brilliant.” Simon called the performance an “10” and called on the Superfans to vote him through. 

It looks like the AGT production team listened to my pleas. I am so delighted that Jake’s Take friend Oz Pearlman had the opportunity to compete on AGT: Champions. The mentalist made it to America’s Got Talent: Season 10 finale, where he took home third place. While he did not win, Oz performed for former President Clinton and legendary movie stars and athletes; now, it was time for redemption! This time around, Oz’s routine involved moments. He asked Howie, Heidi, and Alesha to go back in time and to go back in time to an emotional event in their past. As the trio mentally went back in time, Oz instructed the Pasadena Civic Center audience to pull out a random bill from their wallet. He also told Terry Crews to grab the money randomly. Once he took a 1 dollar bill from an audience member, Terry delivered it to Simon, who promptly put the bill in a black envelope. Oz correctly deduced Heidi’s memory was her engagement, and the BGT judge’s memory was her time with Mis-Teeq (her former group). After adding Howie’s “hot and heavy” memory into the equation, it turned out the total number of all three memories was on the same serial number that was on the $1 bill! Plus, the amount was also equivalent to “Moment.”  All four judges and Terry gave Oz a standing ovation and Heidi called him: “The real Wizard of Oz.”

BGT fan-favorites Boogie Storm visited AGT. They received the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell in 2016 and participated in 2019’s Britain’s Got Talent (BGT): The Champions. Now, they were looking to conquer America. As soon as Simon saw them, a giant grin came upon his face. The dancing Stormtroopers showcased phenomenal stunts and comedic moments. Simon Cowell gave them a standing ovation and begged Howie Mandel to press the Golden Buzzer. When Howie refused, Simon stole the Golden Buzzer from him and advanced them to the finals! 

BGT semi-finalist Ben Blaque returned to AGT to redeem himself. He decided to revisit Crossbow Roulette and brought Alesha Dixon back onto the stage. If Alesha picks the wrong order, then Ben could potentially get shot in the heart. After Terry attached Ben to the harness, Alesha began pushing the levers to release the arrows. This performance was way too dangerous, and I would have buzzed Ben after Alesha went off stage.  Ben Blaque became the first AGT: Champions act to get all four buzzers.

Longtime Jake’s Take friends Collabro had to follow Ben Blaque’s disappointing performance. The BGT winners made their American debut, and Simon wanted them to step up. The quartet sang “Shallow” for a chance to compete in the next round, and they delivered an excellent performance. Alesha was happy to see them, while they failed to impress Simon and Heidi! 

Hoping to find his place amongst the crowd was Season 14 comedian Ryan Niemiller. A year ago, Ryan won over America with his stand-up material and came in third place. Now, he needed to level his game up since he was competing against BGT’s big guns and the rest of the world. As Ryan walked out on stage, Howie gave him a standing ovation and told Alesha and Heidi about Ryan’s previous AGT run. Ryan talked about how his AGT success and how he had to “deny” he was from the show. He compared his arms to a big-chested woman and joked with Howie that “his eyes were up here.”I have to say this was some of Ryan’s best material in the competition. Howie cursed at Simon for stealing the Golden Buzzer and the Got Talent creator added that Ryan improved tremendously since the live shows.

It has been well-documented that Simon hates clowns, but there is one clown that he might have a soft-spot for Puddles Pity Party. The Season 12 fan-favorite gave a melancholy take on “I Want to Know What Love Is.” The Las Vegas performer delivered one of his best vocals to date, but the newbie was not happy with the performance. Overall, Simon called it an exciting performance and said that he loved it!

Marc Spelmann electrified audiences twice on BGT as both himself and “X.” Now, he set his sights onto America. He put on X’s mask and transformed into the character. There is one word to describe this performance, and it was fabulous! I am going to make a bold prediction…I believe Marc Spelmann could win America’s Got Talent: The Champions. 

I am going to be bluntly honest; Luke Islam should not have been on Champions. There are so many different acts that should have had his spot…Andrew De Leon, Angel City Chorale, Branden James, Barbara Padilla, Christina Wells, and the Forte Tenors should have had his place! Although he delivered a lovely version of Celine Dion’s “Ashes.” 

Concluding the evening was Season Seven escape artist Spencer Horsman. He received a spot on Criss Angel’s team, but he was forced to leave due to an injury. However, Champions lit a fire under him and decided to revisit the trick once again. Everyone went outside of the Pasadena Civic Center to see Spencer perform. He had two minutes to free himself from a watery box. Thankfully, Spencer was able to escape from the box unscathed. 

After the super fans voted, it was time for Terry to reveal the votes. Marcelito Pomoy and Marc Spellman were voted through by the superfans. The final spot belonged to the Judges’ vote. Simon stated that it was a “tricky decision” and believed that the audience needed to see Ryan. Alesha also voted for Ryan. Heidi decided to vote Ryan through to the next round!

Next week, the competition continues!

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