Ariana Grande soars while “AGT” reveals the first members of the Top 12

Ariana Grande took the Radio City Music Hall by storm as "AGT" revealed some of its controversial results yet! (Photo property of Celebmafia)

Ariana Grande took the Radio City Music Hall by storm as “AGT” revealed some of its controversial results yet! (Photo property of Celebmafia)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Last night, America’s Got Talent: Season Nine’s Semifinals began!

Some of the acts (Andrey Moraru, Emily West and Sons of Serendip) brought the house down! Other acts (Mara Justine, Miguel Dakota and Mike Super) had no business being on the Radio City Music Hall stage in the first place.

But, it was all about your votes! Who made it through to the Top 12? Also, which act did you save using Snapple’s Instant Save?

Your AGT recap starts right now!

The night kicked off with Ariana Grande’s performance of “Break Free.” Dressed in a black go-go dress and wearing Catwoman-like ears, she soared vocally and put on an impeccable show.

As the superstar left the stage, viewers saw Radio City Music Hall come alive as the Semifinals began! From Andrey’s spectacular movements to the contestants’ reaction towards Howie’s harsh criticism of Paul Ieti, it was great to see the behind the scenes footage.

Once the acts got on the Radio City Music Hall stage, Nick introduced the Snapple Save! The fifth, sixth and seventh place acts that were in danger of leaving the show were Aerial Animation, David & Leeman and Mara Justine!

While voting was underway, it was time for the first result of the night! Up first to find out their fates were Mike Super, Flight Jump Rope Crew and Mike Super. The first spot went to Howie Mandel’s Wild Card pick: Mike Super! In all honesty, Mike did not deserve this spot! I rather see the Bad Boys of Ballet in the Top 12. Sometimes I miss Piers Morgan! He would have never let that happen.

As Howie gloated with his victory, we watched Howie cause even more chaos as a Radio City Music Hall judge as an usher! While the audience was excited to learn that they were part of Howie’s latest prank, they were shocked to see frontrunner Andrey Morau leave the competition! Luckily, the Sons of Serendip learned that they were safe and made it to the Top 12!

Former judge Piers Morgan returned to the show to Skype with the judges! He asked Howard, Heidi and Mel B, if he was right with his declaration of “Howie Mandel-The World’s Most Annoying Person.” Scary Spice screamed: “Yes,” while Howard countered with “Howie is a joy to work with!” (Is it too early for the show to ask Piers back to judge the tenth anniversary season?)

The next result put Dan Naturman, Paul Ieti, Emily West and Miguel Dakota together! The third spot in the competition went to Emily West (THANK GOD!!!!). The dream was also not over for very mediocre and abysmal Miguel Dakota (I will be harsher on my grading of Miguel next time!)

Now, it was time for the Snapple Save acts to learn their fates! It looks like America likes crying brats as Mara Justine made it to the next round! Shame on you, America for letting this happen! Mara Justine is not (and will never be) a $1,000,000 act.

This left both Aerial Animation and David & Leeman in danger of being eliminated! It was the judges’ turn to decide who was going to join the others in the Top 12! Heidi kicked off the voting by selecting David & Leeman. Howie praised the magic duo for balancing magic and comedy and voted them through as well. This left Howard with the deciding vote and he voted David and Leeman through!

Although, I am happy to see David & Leeman in the Top 12, I am going to miss Aerial Animation’s spellbinding and captivating performances.

Next week, some of America’s favorite acts (AcroArmy, Emil & Dariel, Kelli Glover, Mat Franco, Smoothini and Wendy Liebman) return to the stage for one last chance to make into the Top 12!



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