‘America’s Got Talent: Season 13’ Goes Live From The Dolby Theatre

“America’s Got Talent” went live from the Dolby Theatre tonight! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

After nine Golden Buzzers, four guest judges, and countless “What the Heck?” eliminations, America’s Got Talent’s thirteenth season aired live from the Dolby Theatre.  Tonight, 12 acts faced off to prove that they are worthy of inheriting Darci Lynne Farmer’s crown at the Season 13 finale.

Which acts rose to the occasion? Did anyone receive an “X” from the judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel)?  Who might need the Dunkin’ Save? Read on to find out!

Author’s Note: Since we entered the Dolby Theatre stage of the competition, I will now be giving letter grades to all of the acts!

Mochi had the distinction of being the very first act to open up the Dolby Theatre live shows. He is probably one of the most creative acts that I have ever seen. Mochi brought his Diabolo to the country’s biggest stage and also brought excellent 3D graphics with him. I was mesmerized by the performance that I could immediately see him in Vegas. Kudos to also incorporating fireworks into the production. B+/A-

Novelty act Human Fountains were invited back to be one of Season 13’s Wild Card acts. Right now, I believe the quintet robbed some of the better acts such as Blue Tokyo, the Fratelli Rossi, and Troy James. While I enjoyed the Human Fountains squirting at a photo of Simon during the pre-performance package, I was incredibly bored by their antics. I was so happy that Simon buzzed them and I believe that  Big Brother’s Rockstar would call Human Fountains: “Disgusting!” F

151 members of the Angel City Chorale took to the Dolby Theatre stage. Guest judge Olivia Munn gave them her Golden Buzzer during the second week of Judge Cuts. Under the direction of their director, Sue Fink, the massive chorale performed “This is Me.” I have been waiting for them to perform this song! I loved the inclusion of the drumline, got chills and goosebumps by their performance and all four judges gave them a standing ovation! I pray to God that we see them in the Season 13 finale!  A

In all honesty, the PAC Dance Team are a lazy and immature dance team should have never made it this far in this competition! Their spiritless routines belong back at their high school than on the Dolby Theatre stage. Look, I am glad that they got the backing of their school, BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE A PLACE ON THIS SHOW! F

Mel B gave her Golden Buzzer act, Amanda Mena, high praise before her performance on the Dolby Theatre stage.  I also agree with Scary Spice that Amanda fought to have a place in this competition. She has a strong voice and could go far. However, I thought Amanda should have performed P!nk’s “What About Us?” in either English or Spanish instead of going the bilingual route. B

I love Junior New System! The Philippines-based dance crew came from a rough background and fought hard to accomplish their American dream. They also wanted to help their families. I believe that they made their families proud with this epic dance performance that transported audiences back to a high school pep rally. Between their impressive choreography and outstanding stunts, they put smiles on the Dolby Theatre’s audience faces! Bravo! A+

It would be hard for any act to follow Junior New System’s spectacular routine. Thankfully, sibling band We Three were up for the challenge. Joshua, Bethany, and Manny Humile made their Dolby Theatre debut. I did not know if they performed an original song or a cover, but I have to give this group credit for taking the risk and bared their artistry on this stage. No matter what happens in this competition and despite Simon’s harsh remarks, We Three does have a future in the music industry. B+

Escape artist Lord Nil decided to bring Maya, his loved one, into his Dolby Theatre debut. After facing off against scorpions and alligators, they stared down rattlesnakes. Their act was so complicated that I  would not be able to watch them for 90 minutes. While both of them escaped unharmed, I agreed with Mel B who buzzed them (in the middle of their act), this routine was TOO MUCH, and THEY DO NOT BELONG ON THIS SHOW! F

Throughout the season, Flau’jae surpassed viewers’ expectations and delivered outstanding performances. The Atlanta rapper performed her third rap: “Let Downs.” There is something spectacular about this young emcee. She engaged the audience and transported the Dolby Theatre audience into her own concert.  I believe she has a secure future after this show! B+/A-

Shin Lim is probably one of the greatest close-up magicians that has taken AGT by storm. The challenge that he faced was that not being intimidated by his rivals, but also proving that a deck of cards could beat fire and large objects. Shin’s impeccable showmanship is far and beyond the best of any act this season, plus he enchants the audience every time he is on stage. I can see him being one of the last acts standing! A

I love Vicki Barbolak! Her whole trailer park community is behind her, and I thought it was hysterical that she started her routine with “Brick House” playing in the background. Her routine focused on her husband troubles and how she could spell out “Leave the seat down, please” with monogram towels. She brought out her wit and made me chuckle with every joke. B+

Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer act, Courtney Hadwin, closed the show!  The Deal or No Deal host called The Voice UK alum “Janis Joplin reincarnated.” I have to agree with him because I have never heard a voice like Courtney’s in a long time. She paid homage to the Godfather of Soul with her fiery cover of “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.” Courtney delivered one of the best performances that I have ever seen at the quarterfinals stage. I believe Courtney could be one of her generation’s greatest voices! A+

Tomorrow night, Season 12 winner Darci Lynne Farmer returns to the Dolby Theatre, as we learn who will move on to the Season 13 Semifinals!

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