“America’s Got Talent: Season 11” Semifinalists make their case

Which acts impressed Simon, Heidi, Mel B, and Howie tonight? (Photo property of NBC & SYCO Entertainment)

Which acts impressed Simon, Heidi, Mel B, and Howie tonight? (Photo property of NBC & SYCO Entertainment)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America, you disappointed me last week!

By voting through Grace Vanderwaal and Laura Bretan, you sent home two acts who should have been standing in the winner’s circle (Malevo and Musicality Vocal Group). Grace felt the pressure of the unorthodoxly high expectations during her third performance, while Laura won another Got Talent franchise and should have been disqualified from the very start of the season.

Hopefully, you will pick the right five acts that will join them, Tape Face, Jon Dorenbos, and Sal Valentinetti in next week’s finale.

Did any of the remaining acts step up to the plate? Read on to find out!

Up first to face America’s vote was Louis Tomlinson’s Jayna Brown. I am so proud that Jayna made it this far in the competition and that she has a bright future at her performing arts school. She kicked off the night with a cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise.” She has a sturdy voice, but with Laura and Grace in the finale, I think that Jayna might have an uphill battle in front of her as several of the show’s strongest vocalists are performing tonight. B+/A-  

Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett are annoying as hell! I wish I could jump into the television and hit the buzzers. While it was impressive bringing their whole class onto the stage, this is a search for a $1,000,000 Vegas-worthy act, and I believe that he is not ready to face Las Vegas audiences. F

Another AGT act that is way out of her league is 12-year-old Kadie Lynn Robertson. I believe that she should have waited four years until her vocals matured. She did a sturdy cover of Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” but her vocal delivery should have been better and I could not connect with her during her performance. Also, there are a lot of singers that are better than her still left in the competition. F

One of my favorite acts this season is Viktor Kee! This impeccable jugular has taken this show by storm, and he continues to deliver flawless performances. Tonight, Viktor transported us to the bottom of the ocean for a spectacular juggling show that should be replicated in the Vegas strip. Everything about Viktor is electric, and I hope that America votes him into the finale! A

Since I have seen them audition in Los Angeles, Linkin’ Bridge became one of my favorite music acts from this season. This Louisville, Kentucky quartet performed Lukas Graham’s “7 Years” and it broke my heart. Their harmonies were on point, and they gave me the first case of the chills. This was their personal best, and I believe that they indeed won their spot in the finale with this $1,000,000 worthy song! A+

Howie, Mel B, and Heidi selected The Passing Zone as their Wild Card act as long as they put Simon in their performance.  Tonight, John and Owen took Simon’s advice and anted up on the danger factor. Simon’s body language said it all as he was clearly not happy with the duo. I loved that the pair dressed him up as a little devil, and they threw torches around him. While it was brilliant, I thought that the set-up took too long and lost my interest. B

Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act, Calysta Bevier, is a strange case. Yes, she’s a cancer survivor, but at the same time, I question her vocal prowess. Her cover of Christina Perri’s “Human” was extremely shaky and in the immortal words of Randy Jackson: “pitchy.” Sorry, Calysta! But in all honesty, you were not ready for prime time! F

Stephen Brundage might be one of the acts that could challenge both Jon Dorenbos and the Clairvoyants as the top magic act of the season. He used over 200s of Rubik’s cubes for his act. Stephen joined the judges at their table and quickly showcased his magic by mixing up the cubes. He also utilized all of the on-camera talent for his act. He transformed the Rubik’s cubes into Brad Pitt. It was impressive, but not Vegas worthy. B-

Reba McEntire’s Golden Buzzer act contortionist Sofie Dossi has blown me away throughout the season. She traded her bow and arrow for disco balls and Studio 54.  Her acrobatics, choreography, and flexibility are unreal, and I firmly believe that she should be in the finale, and I believe that she is ready to conquer the Las Vegas strip. A

The Clairvoyants (Thommy and Amelie) have always blew me away with their presentations. I have never seen an act that has made my jaw dropped more this season than these two impeccable clairvoyants. Once again, the duo focused on the judges and transported them back in time to find out about their most intimate memories. They asked Howie, Heidi, and Mel B to write down their memories, while Simon joined Amelie on stage and she transported him to London. While they correctly predicted Simon’s time (7:04), Howie’s question to Simon (“Could he have a raise?”), the location of Heidi’s kiss (on an airplane) and Mel B’s grandmother (“Iris B”). Their act blew me away and I pray that these two are in the finale! A+

Brian Justin Crum closed the night! He is one of my favorite singers left in the competition and I always look forward to hear his interpretation of any song that he chose. Tonight, he tackled Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Brian gave a stunning vocal performance that perfectly showcased his voice and he gave me the second case of the goosies this evening. Bravo, Brian! A+

The acts that deserve to be in the finale: Viktor Kee, Linkin’ Bridge, Sofie Dossi, The Clairvoyants, & Brian Justin Crum.

Tomorrow night, the final five finalists are revealed & Andra Day joins forces with Blue October to provide the entertainment.

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