“America’s Got Talent” goes to the Extremes!

Tonight, the Extreme Acts take over "America's Got Talent." Which acts wowed the audience? (Photo property of NBC)

Tonight, the Extreme Acts take over “America’s Got Talent.” Which acts wowed the audience? (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent is on its fourth week of auditions!

This year’s talent continues to showcase that they are worthy of $1,000,000 prize and a spot at the Radio City Music Hall live shows.

AGT raised the stakes this year as the Powers-That-Be enhanced the Golden Buzzer to be like its international counterparts: Asia’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent and Das Supertalent. If the act impressed a particular judge, then they would automatically earn a spot in the Radio City Music Hall live shows!

Already comedian Drew Lynch, dance act Freckled Sky and singer Sharon Irving secured a spot in the Semi-Finals by impressing judges Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Mel B respectively.

Tonight, AGT paid tribute to the Extreme Acts! These acts were so massive and dangerous that the show had to move the taping to the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

Which acts shocked the audience? Who left the show in a stretcher? Did Heidi Klum activate her Golden Buzzer? Read on to find out…

The first act of the night belonged to the Squad! Superstar choreographer Scott Forsyth brought these 11 dancers from all parts of California and these dancers delivered a fiery routine that showcased superb energy and fantastic moves. Howard called it “great,” while both Heidi and Mel B thought the group was tight and Howie called it: “Perfection!” They received the first unanimous “Yes” of the night!

22-year-old singer Daniella Mass moved to the United States from Columbia to have a career in the music industry. I was originally worried when I heard “Time To Say Goodbye,” because both Barbara Padilla and Jackie Evancho became stars due to their respective covers. However, Daniella moved me and gave me chills! She not only gave me (and Heidi) goose bumps, but she received the first four judge-standing ovation of the night! She will be moving onto the next round!

Over the past two years, Collins Key and Mat Franco have changed the game for magicians who appeared on the show! They set the standards. Hoping to follow in their footsteps, former conman (and federal prison inmate) Aiden Sinclair taught himself how to do magic. He did close-up magic using cards and Mrs. Stern! The King of All Media called his mother and asked her to think of playing card and she chose ten of hearts! At the end of the trick, Howie revealed the ten-of-hearts to the audience. Howard was blown away by his trick and Heidi thought it was “spectacular.” Mel B added that he made it fun to watch and Howie commended him for turning his life around. I cannot wait to see Aiden Sinclair perform in the next round.

It would not be a visit to Hollywood without paying homage to the Silver Screen and Vaudeville. Las Vegas native Uzeyer Novruzov paid homage to his hero, Charlie Chaplin, and performed a superb routine using a ladder that all of the judges on their feet. During his commentary, Howard stated that he perfectly channeled Charlie Chaplin in his act and joined with his fellow judges and voted Uzeyer through to the next round.

For the next hour, AGT transferred the show outside for the extreme acts. Four dirt bikers wanted to share their love of freestyle Motocross with America. Metal Mulisha Freestyle Group delivered spectacular “holy expletive” moments that energized the crowd and the judges! Howard declared their audition—the most “dangerous thing he has ever seen on America’s Got Talent,” while they made Heidi sick to her stomach. Mel B declared all of them “crazy” and she wanted to see more from them. Howie kicked off the voting with a “Yes” and Heidi, Mel B and Howard voted them into the next round. I also think these guys just became one of the frontrunners!

16-year-old Damone Rippy received lots of screams from the ladies in the audience; and that was before he auditioned with his flyboard. Damone showcased some smooth moves on his flyboard that included flips and booty shaking to Pitbull’s “Fireball.” Howard stated that Damone could be a superhero, while Heidi thought that he was a human kite. Both Mel B and Howie also wanted to try it out. The ripped 16-year-old received four “Yeses” from the judges.

Malibu resident Cliff Ryder brought the danger level to another level when he did the unthinkable by jumping out of a helicopter! After avoiding advice of the unexpected wind gusts, the B.A.S.E. jumper fell 3000 feet from the ground and almost plummeted to his death! Luckily, he made it back to the ground and received high fives (and fist bumps from the judges). Heidi called it “thrilling,” while Howie compared his stunt to watching Evel Knievel’s death-defying stunts. He received three “Yeses” as he moved to the next round.

As the acts continued to push through to the danger zone, one act that might cross the line was web designer Wally Glenn aka Pyro Boy. Wally’s suit was composed of fireworks and he danced around the stage, which delighted the crowd but Howie (who hit his buzzer) and Heidi (who cowered behind Howard’s chair). Howard loved that Wally was “legally insane” and gave him a “Yes.” Howie angrily declared him that fireworks should be viewed NOT WORN and voted “No!” Luckily, the women sided with Howard and voted Pyro Boy to the next round.

The final act of the evening belonged to Doctor Danger and his Daredevil All-Stars! Tonight, the crew premiered a new stunt that involved crashing one school bus into TWO school buses. Luckily, the crew survived the outrageous stunt and left both Howie and Howard wanting more from the group! Mel B loved the group’s identity and Heidi added that it was larger than life! All four judges voted them into the next round!

Next week, Heidi Klum hits the Golden Buzzer as an act falls from the stage!

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