America’s Got Talent celebrates the holiday season

The “America’s Got Talent” crew reunites with some of the show’s most memorable alums for a one night only holiday celebration. (Photo property of NBC)

For the first time in America’s Got Talent history, the show celebrated the holidays!

But could some of the talented alums from the past eleven seasons put a smile to the show’s resident grumpy Grinch, Simon Cowell’s face?

Read on to find out:

After Santa Nick had summoned the judges to the Dolby Theatre, Brian Justin Crum, Ronee Martin, and the Edgar Family Band kicked off the show with a fiery cover of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” which set up the mood for the evening. A-

Season Two winner and current Las Vegas headliner Terry Fator returned to AGT with the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator: Maynard Tompkins. Terry remains one of the show’s best ambassadors, and he had me in stitches with Maynard’s cover of Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.” A

As Terry left the stage, we went back to the Philadelphia Eagles locker room, where Season 11 finalist Jon Dorenbos entertained his players with a unique tale of four Jacks. I wish he was able to return to the special, so he could have performed the trick live because the performance would have been more meaningful. B-

After Howie and Mel B had tricked unsuspecting kids as Santa and his assistant, the Silhouettes and Sons of Serendip joined forces a unique interpretation of “The Christmas Song.” I got chills from Micah’s voice and the group’s artistry, while the Season Six runner-ups delivered a powerful visual performance about a family that made my heart burst in joy! A+

The show revisited some of the best moments from Season 11 and also reminded people that it is not too late to sign up for the Season 12 Auditions. After Grace had said a few words, The Clairvoyants (Thommy and Amelie) returned for a dramatic interpretation of A Christmas Carol. Thommy invited Howie to be their Ebenezer Scrooge and brought out several elements that were associated with the Charles Dickens character.  As usual, Amelie correctly predicted where Howie placed the items, which Mel B verified, who read a corresponding passage from the Dickens Novel. Thommy ended the performance by giving Howie a unique Howie Scrooge bookmark.  That performance was the reason why the Clairvoyants should have won over Grace. A++

After Andra Day and Charles Jones entertained the crowd with a soulful interpretation of “Winter Wonderland,” Season Five runner-up Jackie Evancho returned to America’s Got Talent for an outstanding cover of “Someday at Christmas.” I believe that Jackie has played a great role in getting kids on the show and without her presence kids such as Quintavious Johnson, Grace VanderWaal, and Laura Bretan would not have auditioned for the show. While she has gotten older, Jackie’s voice still has the gravitas and proved that she is one of the greatest acts from all 11 seasons of America’s Got Talent. A-

If there were one act that I would buzz tonight, it would be the Olate Dogs. I did not like their performance. It did not raise my holiday spirits. I wish that they brought back either Barbara Padilla, Prince Poppycock, Collins Key, the KriStef Brothers, Emily West, Branden James or Malevo to perform! F

Heidi Klum reunited with her Golden Buzzer act for an intriguing cover of “Santa Baby (or Buddy).” As Sal kicked off the performance, Heidi rode down from a candy cane. This duet brought a smile to my face, and it was one of the highlights of the night. A-

Stevie Starr, The Professional Regurgitator, returned to gross out everyone. He barfed up mini gold and silver tree ornaments. I would have buzzed him for sure because it disgusted me! F  After getting my nauseous thoughts out of my head, friends to the blog, Pentatonix, joined the fun with their cover of *NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” They were able to quickly get me back to smile and dancing in my seat.

Season Nine third place finisher AcroArmy returned to pay homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas as many Jack Skellingtons raced across the Dolby Theatre stage and showed off their impeccable acrobatic skills. Their choreography was stunning, and they mesmerised the crowd. B+

Piff, the Magic Dragon, teamed up with Penn & Teller who were dressed as the Two Wise Men & Wise Magic Dragon of America’s Got Talent. After Piff “ate” all of the gifts from the judges, they decided to use some magic to bring Christmas presents: a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer (Howie), spices (Heidi), cash (money), and a bowling ball for Mel B and brought out a “peace dove” who transformed into Mr. Piffles! What a great trick! B

As the trio left the stage, Mat Franco appeared and invited them to “Build A Snowman.” Mat showcased different snowman heads and bodies. Heidi picked out the red buttons; Mel B chose stick arms, and a blue tie and Howie decided on a snowman head with a crooked smile and Santa hat. Mat invited Simon to reveal the snowman that his colleagues picked out! What a perfect way to celebrate Christmas! Also, Mat gave the judges and the Dolby Theatre audience a Christmas card…that has the snowman the judges created on it. That was an excellent way to start the Christmas countdown!  A-

Season 11 winner Grace VanderWaal ended the singing segments with a unique twist to the holiday classic: “Frosty the Snowman.” Accompanied by a girls choir, Grace captured the attention of the Dolby Theatre and voice sounded so much better than the Season 11 Live Shows. I am glad that she was able to put a smile on Simon’s face. B+

Professor Splash closed out the special with a pool that had only 10 inches of eggnog in it. It was a shocking way to end the show and thank goodness he successfully made the jump. That was the craziest thing I have ever seen and an interesting way to end the show. B

Happy holidays, America’s Got Talent! See you in 2017 for Season 12!

Copyright 2020 Jacob Elyachar