“America’s Got Talent” celebrates its 10th anniversary

AGT Season 10

The whole crew is back to celebrate “AGT’s” epic anniversary season! (Photo property of NBC, FremantleMedia North America & SYCO TV)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent kicked off its tenth season with the start of their Audition Process!

What I love about this show is that anyone such as a ventriloquist, a cancer survivor who sings opera, a group of fraternity brothers and a magician can become megastars!

How do they become superstars? They have to impress four of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry: Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel. If they receive three (or four) yeses, they automatically head to the next round.

But, if one judge feels that your talent is worthy to win the show, they can press their Golden Buzzer! Just like Britain’s Got Talent, the act that receives the Golden Buzzer heads straight to the Live Shows!

Which acts impressed the judges? Read on to find out!

As the acts started to arrive in droves, a young dancing duo was the first act to face the judges at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The Nashville duo (8-year-old Noah and 7-year-old Elin) showcased their dance moves that could give Future Funk a run for their money. Their attitude was contagious and they definitely have a future in dance. Howard thought it was cute, while Heidi stated that her kids would love them. They received the first unanimous “Yes” of the season! Before they left the stage, the duo taught Nick some of their signature moves.

Singing group Triple Threat (Caleb, Will and Tyler) met in high school and wanted to chase a bigger dream. Unfortunately, from the look of the pre-audition package…it sounded like they would be buzzed than become the heirs of the Forte Tenors or Sons of Serendip. Boy, was I wrong! Their cover of MKTO’s “Classic” was superb and gave me goosies! I think that they could be dark horses of the season. They also scored the first standing ovation of the season as well. Howie stated they apologized for judging them for their cover and Heidi loved their interpretation of the song. They also received the second unanimous “Yes” of the season.

Ira and Miriam Fennelbloom made me smile from the get-go! However, the next generation of Walter surprised everyone when he sang Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” to Mel B. It was just hysterical! While he did not have the same gusto and passion of Donna Allen, both Howard and Howie were moved by the performance and encouraged Mel B to kiss him and she kissed him on the nose. Despite making Heidi jealous, he got a “No” from the love of his life…he received three “Yeses” from the remaining judges.

While a lot of the contestants love Howie, they complained that Howie could not touch them. Hopefully, hypnotist Chris Jones was able to cure him. After he admitted that he was a huge Bobby’s World fan, he hypnotized Howie and put Howie to sleep. He persuaded Howie to shake his hand (he was gloveless) twice! When his fellow judges asked him to cure him of his germaphobia, Chris put him to sleep again and he shook Howard, Heidi and Mel B’s hands. This might be one of the best Got Talent auditions I have ever seen. Despite buzzing him early, Howard joined the ladies in voting Chris to the next round.

As the auditions continued, the audience was introduced to the first international act of season. Showproject brought two German gymnasts and Czech Republic gymnasts together for one ultimate audition. Using two balance beams and a trampoline, the quartet produced impeccable stunts. They did not disappoint and received the second judges’ standing ovation of the night. Heidi and Mel B went gaga over the guys and Howard added that they were ready for prime time and declared them contenders. They were the third unanimous “Yes” of the season.

When you audition for AGT, 90 seconds could change your life! Hoping to receive four “Yeses” was Johnny Shelton. The full-time singer-songwriter dedicated his song: “That’s Love” to his late son. While he looked like a hybrid of Will Champlin and Matt McAndrew, his vocals stabbed me right in my heart and he captivated me from start-to-finish. He received a standing ovation from Howie and Heidi. Howie was speechless and Heidi thought it was beautiful. Howard also told Johnny that he was an inspiration and they gave him a unanimous “Yes.”

When Piff the Magic Dragon hit the stage, things might have gotten downhill! The Las Vegas magician chose AGT over Games of Thrones and asked Heidi to assist him with his act and it was about to go down hill until he transformed Heidi’s card (King of Hearts) into his predicted card (7-of-clubs). While Howie and Howard gave him a standing ovation, Mel B and Heidi were shocked of how good his act was. He received a unanimous “Yes” and moved onto the next round.

Unfortunately, it was bound to happen sooner than later….the buzzers started to fly. Hoping to change the night around was Siro-A. This dance troupe introduced the audience in their Technicolor world and brought a whole lot of energy to the show. Their audition reminded me of Kenichi, AcroArmy, Fighting Gravity and iLuminate! All of those acts made it into the finale and I strongly believe that Siro-A is going to be in it for the long haul.

The final act of the audition belonged to Drew Lynch. He struggled with stuttering problem due to a sports injury (softball). While it damaged his vocal cords, he turned to comedy to heal. You have to admire the strength and tenacity that Drew showcased in his audition. His material made me smile and nearly made me cry. His act not only inspired the crowd, but also Howie…who gave him the first Golden Buzzer of the season!

Next week, the “AGT: Season 10” auditions continue? Who will join Drew in the Live Shows?

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