“American Idol XIV” cuts four as the Top Eight guys sing for their lives.

American Idol XIV guys

The “American Idol XIV” said goodbye to four guys tonight as the remaining guys sang for a spot in the Top 12. (Photo property of FOX, FremantleMedia North America & 19 Entertainment)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last week, American Idol arrived in Detroit for the start of the 2015 Top 24 Semifinals.

Several standouts began to grow their wings and delivered fantastic performances, while others looked like lost deer and belonged on the stage of “Local College’s Got Talent.”

Who did America say goodbye to tonight? Which remaining contestants impressed Harry Connick, Jr, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban? Read on to find out!

The show kicked off with some exciting news! Detroit native and music icon, Ms. Aretha Franklin, mentored the Top 24.   The Queen of Soul sang her cover of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”

After the Queen of Soul took to the stage, we learned one-at-a-time who was going to sing for the Top 12!

Daniel Seavey (who should have gone home) butchered Marvin Gaye’s “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You).” He should have picked a song that he can relate to. The vocals were not there and I wish that Simon Cowell was on that panel, because I think he would have given Daniel one of his signature tongue lashings. D

I am glad that Mark Andrew was saved by America’s votes! I definitely enjoyed his cover of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” He showed spunk, sass and fire on that stage. I disagree with Jennifer and Harry on their comments because it was something different and unique that we have missed on Idol for the past five seasons! B+

The crowd was overjoyed when Ryan called Rayvon Owen to the stage. Last week, he took on Top 40 radio…this week, he touched sacred ground: The Temptations’ “My Girl.” Throughout his entire performance, I got chills! His velvet vocals and sweet falsetto already made up for a certain performance that aired earlier tonight. A

Adam Ezegelian received the fourth spot in Top Eight guys! I thought that he gave an intriguing take on Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” It was a lot funkier than I remembered, but he showed superb vocal gymnastics that made me smile. I hope that America gives him one more chance to perform in Hollywood. A-

Clark Beckam received high praise from Idol mentor Scott Borchetta before he headed to the stage. I am glad that he performed one of my favorite Smokey Robinson songs: “Tracks of My Tears.” I liked seeing Clark pick up the guitar and he let his vocals loose. I hope that Smokey was watching, because he would be very proud of Clark’s masterful cover (and his ability to take the audience to church). A

The ladies were excited to reveal that Nick Fradiani was going to receive a spot in the Top Eight. Nick stole the show with his modernized version of Stevie Wonder’s iconic “Signed, Sealed Delivered.” If this song was released onto Top 40 radio, it would be placed on the number one spot for several weeks. Great job, Nick! A

Quentin Alexander received the final seat in the Idol Top Eight guys. After his cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster,” he is officially this season’s dark horse that could go into the finale. A-

Unfortunately at the end of the night, we had to say goodbye to Savion Wright, Riley Bria, Trevor Douglas and Michael Simeon!

Tomorrow night, the ladies will perform one more time for your votes!

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