All hell breaks loose on “OUAT”

The Snow Queen creates havoc

The Snow Queen wreaked havoc in both Storybrooke and Arendelle in this two-hour episode of “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

Ingrid the Snow Queen is ready to put Storybrooke on ice!

She arrived in town as the owner of the ice cream shop. However, little did her customers know that she wanted to destroy the town! Her plans accelerated when her niece, Princess Elsa, arrived in Storybrooke. After she tried (and failed) to turn the town against the Frozen princess, Ingrid turned her attention to her former foster daughter, Emma!

Ingrid manipulated Emma into losing control of her powers and now, Emma is hiding from her friends and loved ones. She also managed to convince the town’s most dangerous man, Mr. Gold, to stay away from her plans!

With Gold planning to exit Storybrooke for a bigger arena and Regina reconciling with her ex, Robin Hood, it is up to the Charmings to save Storybrooke from Ingrid’s icy madness! Can they succeed? This Once Upon A Time recap starts right now!

In Arendelle & The Enchanted Forest…After burying and freezing the Sorcerer’s Hat, the Snow Queen paid a visit to the Enchanted Forest. Ingrid encountered the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and demanded to speak with the Sorcerer. The Apprentice furiously attacked her and stated that she is dealing with powers beyond her control.

Once, she left the Enchanted Forest, Snow Queen returned to her realm. She started to manipulate Elsa, but Elsa failed to fall under her lies. After freeing her sister, the sisters recruited Kristoff to search the castle for her urn.  However, she ran into a cracked mirror and a frozen Hans. The sisters also grabbed the urn and returned to Anna’s cell.

Once Elsa left, Ingrid ambushed Anna! The Snow Queen revealed her plan using the magic mirror to cast the Spell of Shattered Sight on Anna and transformed her into a vengeful woman.

A brainwashed Anna confronted Elsa and the Snow Queen revealed her treachery! Anna trapped Elsa in the urn and Anna turned back to normal. Ingrid froze both Anna and Kristoff. Rumple visited the Snow Queen and asked her to retrieve the Sorcerer’s Hat.

The Snow Queen found the hat and almost summoned the Dark One, but the Sorcerer’s Apprentice stopped her! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice gave her news that the third sister was in the real world. She gave him the hat and began her journey to our world!

In Storybrooke…Henry tried to save his out-of-control mom, but Emma refused his help and got injured. As Henry left, the Snow Queen confronted Emma and told her that the only way she ends this is believing in herself and that she can control her powers.

Emma raced to Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop where she asked the Dark one for a solution to remove her powers. Gold revealed that there was a permanent way to remove Emma’s powers, but the whiplash effect from Emma’s decision could destroy Storybrooke.

While Emma received instructions from Gold, Henry made it back to the apartment and told the gang of Emma’s location. After receiving a phone call from their daughter, Snow and Charming were distraught by Emma’s decision. Both Hook and Elsa secretly and separately decided to rescue Emma from the power-hungry Gold. Hook decided to stop Emma because of his history with The Dark One, while Elsa wanted to save her from losing what makes her special.

As Emma traveled to the rendezvous point, Rumple visited the Snow Queen one final time. After exchanging verbal barbs, Rumple revealed that Ingrid would not use Emma to enact her spell. Mr. Gold trapped the Snow Queen in her lair and she vowed revenge!

Knowing that she was losing her bishop, the Snow Queen used her mirror to transport herself to Emma’s location. Despite her truthful warnings about Gold’s real plan…Emma refused to believe her and continued to the abandoned manor.

While traveling with the Charmings and Henry to rescue Emma, Regina and Snow had an honest conversation about growing up and the Evil Queen almost revealed the purpose of Operation Mongoose. Snow stated that if Regina stayed on the correct course, her happiness would come! But, before she could help Emma…Robin Hood asked her to return to the library.

As Regina returned to town, Rumple unleashed the Sorcerer’s Hat and waited for Emma to open the door! However, Elsa stopped Emma by stating that she had to love herself! With a touch of her hand, the trinity of love, hope and faith triumphed over the Snow Queen’s deceptive spell!

Unfortunately, Emma’s happiness was only brief! Gold ripped Hook’s heart out and the Good Captain became the Dark One’s puppet. He retrieved the Sorcerer’s Hat and headed to parts unknown! She and Elsa wore the yellow ribbons that belonged to Ingrid’s sisters. Now, Ingrid could finally bring the Spell of Shattered Sight to Storybrooke!

In two weeks, Ingrid unleashes the Spell of Shattered Sight onto an unsuspecting Storybrooke!



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