Alisan Porter returns to “The Voice” as Team Alicia & Team Gwen perform

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By: Jacob Elyachar,

I cannot believe that it has been a year since Alisan Porter won The Voice thanks to Christina Aguilera’s impeccable tutelage.

Tonight, Alisan returned to the show to debut her new single, “Deep Water.” Also, both Team Alicia and Team Gwen performed with their lovely and talented coaches.

However, the biggest event tonight is The Voice’s Instant Save! Tonight, two artists had to square off to the second Instant Save of the season.  Who were the artists that dueled for the save? Who did America save? Read on to find out!

Carson Daly kicked off the night by immediately revealing the first few members of Top 10. All 11 artists charted in the Top 100! After throwing questions to Aliyah Moulden and Jesse Larson, Carson announced that Team Blake’s Lauren Duski and Team Adam’s Jesse Larson.  As the two left the stage, Alicia Keys joined her dynamite team (Stephanie Rice, Chris Blue, and Vanessa Ferguson) for an excellent interpretation of Aretha Franklin’s “(You’ve Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman).” Team Alicia’s performance gave me goosebumps.

As the “If I Ain’t Got You” singer-songwriter returned to her seat, Carson grilled Chris Blue who praised his coach and Carson revealed that he was safe for next week. Team Gwen’s Brennley Brown would also be joining Lauren, Chris, and Jesse next Monday. Brennley rushed back to the stage to sing Coldplay’s “Fix You” with Gwen and Hunter.  It was a solid performance by the trio, but it did not change my mind about Hunter. Also, the choir was a surprising touch.

While the confetti continued to fall and the future Mrs. Blake Shelton returned to her chair, Stephanie thanked Alicia for inspiring her to believe in herself, and TSoul revealed the best piece of advice that Blake gave him was to be himself and do crazy things on stage. Carson explained that America saved Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden and Team Adam’s Lilli Passero.

Alisan Porter returned to the show and shared what happen after her epic win for Team Christina. Alisan Porter wanted to have another Voice moment with her performance of “Deep Water, ” and I believe that she did. Alisan’s vocals still gave me chill, and I hope that this song is played on the radio soon because this music is a million times better than the Chainsmokers’ latest single.

As Alisan left the stage, Carson revealed that America saved Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson, Team Gwen’s Hunter Plake (Yuck!) and Team Blake’s TSoul (double yuck)! That meant it would be Team Adam’s Mark Isaiah and Team Alicia’s Stephanie Rice would have to sing for the Instant Save.

Stephanie Rice kicked off the Instant Save round with Julia Michaels’ “Issues.” Stephanie gave a raw vocal performance that was powerful and dramatic.  Seriously, I rather have Stephanie in this competition over a Justin Bieber wannabe! A  Team Adam’s Mark Isaiah sang “7 Years” and to be honest with you, it was not what I was looking for! If you want a watch a spectacular cover, I would recommend that watch Linkin’ Bridge’s “7 Years” over this abysmal artist. F

Again, America chose incorrectly as Mark was saved again! Hopefully, someone will sign Stephanie to a recording contract.

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