Alesha Dixon Finds Her ‘AGT Champions’ Golden Buzzer Act

New America’s Got Talent: The Champions judge Alesha Dixon pressed the Golden Buzzer tonight. (Photo property of FremantleMedia North America, NBC & Syco Television)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

All eyes will be on new America’s Got Talent: The Champions (AGT Champions) judge Alesha Dixon tonight. The singer and dancer had the opportunity to give out the final Golden Buzzer of the Season Two auditions. Which act did the Britain’s Got Talent judge select to face off against Angelina Jordan, Boogie Storm, and V.Unbeatable in the AGT Champions: Season Two finale? Read on to find out!

As Alesha Dixon and Howie filmed social media promos, Christian Stoinev returned to the stage. He competed during America’s Got Talent: Season Nine with Scooby, who retired from performing. This time, the hand balancer introduced a new partner: Percy. The pair headline a show at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. While I am impressed with Christian’s growth as a performer, I did not feel that it was a semifinal performance. He received the first unanimous standing ovation of the evening. 

I was so happy that America’s Got Talent: Season 14 finalists Voices of Service returned! They finished the Top Five for a second chance to win. This performance marked the first time that Heidi and Alesha Dixon heard them perform. The quartet sang Kodaline’s “Brother,” and they gave me chills. They received the second unanimous standing ovation of the evening, and Heidi declared that they should be in the finals. Simon even stated that they should win the show. 

7-year-old comedian JJ Pantano made his American television debut! Recently, the young comedian competed on Australia’s Got Talent: Season Nine. Sadly, he failed to impress the show’s judges and guest judge Hans during the show’s semifinals. The moment that JJ opened his mouth, he surprised Simon, who stated: “I thought he was going to be a singer!” JJ noted that he decided to research the judges. He roasted Simon for the size of his entourage and how his father introduced him to Heidi Klum in various videos. He playfully confused Alesha Dixon with Grammys host Alicia Keys and stated that he never heard of Howie’s movies. Finally, he brought out Terry Crews and made fun of his professional football career. Historically, I have not been a fan of kid performers, but the way JJ Pantano roasted them was hysterical! 

In 2018, Romania’s Got Talent winner Emil Rengle danced his way to victory! However, Romania’s old guard thought it was controversial because he was gay. He decided that he wanted to make a crack on the American TV stage. He danced to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” I loved the performance, but Simon and Howie buzzed him. In all honesty, I agreed with Alesha Dixon and Heidi Klum, Emil was fabulous! My message to Howie and Simon: “STOP BEING CLOSE-MINDED!!!” 

America’s Got Talent: Season Six runner-up The Silhouettes returned after an eight-year absence. Despite losing to Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., several members graduated, and even one alum dances for Cher. The original shadow dance troupe told an emotional story about a girl and her dog’s life journey. Just like they did during their first season, they gave me chills and tugged at my heartstrings. They melted the judges, including Howie, Heidi, and Simon. However, Alesha Dixon was so moved by the performance that she chose them to be her Golden Buzzer. 

Violinist Brian King Joseph returned for his second chance of redemption. However, he placed third on America’s Got Talent: Season 13. Despite losing, Brian opened the door to an excellent next chapter in his career. He performed a perfect original song, and I loved every minute of his performance. His showmanship was out of this world, and I loved that he brought out a fire twirler! It was an extraordinary moment! 

Connie Talbot won the hearts of the British people during the inaugural season of Britain’s Got Talent. However, she lost to Paul Potts! Despite losing, Connie’s parents balanced her career with education. Now, she came to America’s Got Talent: The Champions for a chance to compete. After reuniting with Simon and Alesha Dixon, the 19-year-old performed an original song about love. When I first heard her voice, she reminded me of an Adele-Jessie J hybrid. I think she could successfully break into the American music market. 

Acrobatic dance troupe Sandou Trio Russian Bar returned for a chance of redemption. They made one measly mistake on America’s Got Talent: Season Six that cost them the opportunity to perform on the finale. The group has performed in Vegas and was even in The Greatest Showman. Alesha Dixon was concerned that they were no performing with a safety net. The stunts blew me away, and I could not believe that they needed to add a blindfold to the process. I honestly thought that the Sandou Trio Russian Bar act redeemed themselves! 

Simon Cowell’s first Golden Buzzer act, Bars & Melody, made their American TV debut. The duo may have lost to Collabro, they have traveled across the globe. I am going to be bluntly honest; I was so happy that Howie buzzed them. The song was weak, and I thought that Jonathan Antoine should have had their place in the competition.

Africa’s Got Talent winner Strauss Serpent made his American television debut. He is a contortionist, and before he even performed, Alesha Dixon and Howie agreed that what he does is “not normal.” As the Pasadena Civic Center audience’s jaws started to lower, he began to contort, and my eyes widen with every move that he made. I felt like he would have fit right in with the Big Apple Circus or The Greatest Showman castI got to say Strauss Serpent had one of the freakiest auditions I have ever seen.  Strauss received the final unanimous standing ovation of the evening.

The superfans voted and determined that Strauss Serpent and Sandou Trio Russian Bar made it to the AGT Champions semifinals. However, the judges selected one last act.  Alesha Dixon stated before the vote: “This is going to be harder than it is going to be.” Howie selected JJ Pantano, while Alesha selected Brian King Joseph. Heidi went with Christian and Percy. Simon had the final vote and he decided to go with JJ Pantano.

Next week, the AGT Champions: Season Two semifinals begin!

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