“AGT: Season Nine” live shows FINALLY begin!

AGT takes over Radio City Music Hall

“America’s Got Talent” takes over Radio City Music Hall for the start of its Live Shows (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

This is it!

After months of auditions and a week of surprising cuts (we miss you Beach Avenue and Mighty Atom, Jr.), the show has finally arrived at Radio City Music Hall!

Tonight, the first 12 acts must raise their performance in order to impress both the judges (Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern) and America!

Who rose to the occasion? Which acts failed to impress? Read on to find out…

Sean & Luke: Best friends and tap dancers Sean & Luke opened the show! While I think they have bright futures ahead of them (potentially on Broadway), I thought that the background dancers and lights distracted me. In all honesty, I think they should have auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance instead of AGT! C+

Valo & Bobby: Valo and Bobby are one of my favorite danger acts of the season. They planned to risk everything for their family future. I was in awe of their showmanship and almost held my breath as they brilliant executed some of the most dangerous stunts I have ever seen on the AGT stage. B+

Julia Goodwin: 16-year-old Julia Goodwin (in my opinion) is one of the weakest singers in the competition! Her cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ classic “Iris” was not my cup of tea. I hope that we do not have to wait too long to see either Anna Clendening or Kelli Glover perform next. D+

Baila Conmigo: Going into Judgment Week, I thought that Baila Conmigo was going to take it all. However, they had a lot of ground to cover in order to redeem themselves in fans’ eyes (watch their Judgment Week performance). For their quarterfinal performance, they transported the audience to a colorful jungle and their fancy footwork blew me away! I am glad that Heidi and Mel gave them a standing ovation and I think that they could be in this year’s finals! A+

David & Leeman: For the past couple of years, solo magic acts have always had an edge against groups. David and Leeman have delivered superb routines in the audition round. First, the duo took a selfie and brought out each of the judges’ books and asked the panel to cut out a page from each of the books. Their trick was outstanding and baffling!! If they are not on the finale, it would be an injustice. 

The Willis Clan: This 12-member family band is the largest band to perform on AGT! While I enjoyed the group’s bluegrass take of “The Power of Love,” it was more of a cute and cheesy performance than a $1,000,000 performance. B

Flight Crew Jump Rope: Nine of the best jumpers came together to energize America; the jumpers mesmerized the crowd with their highflying stunts. I think that they brought jump roping to a whole new level of excellence. B+

Jasmine Flowers: The Atlanta, Georgia-based dance troupe always gave precise and superb routines each time they performed on AGT. Their performance gave me chills and I enjoyed every minute of their colorful presentation. A-

Emily West: I simply adore Emily West as a vocalist. Her siren-like vocals always sent audience members in a trance. I enjoyed her interpretation of Sia’s “Chandelier” because it showed her full vocal range. It was also one of the night’s few star-making moments. A+

JD Anderson: I have nothing against JD Anderson, but I would have voted Mighty Atom Jr. to the live shows. The strongman broke a group of bats, two blocks of flaming bricks and bulldozed his way into a collection of ice! I think he should teach some of his tricks to some of my friends from the WBFF (Micah? AJ? Christian? Jeremy?) B+

Dan Naturman: The 20-year stand-up comedy veteran focused his 90-seconds on children, IKEA, Canada and healthcare. I liked his rapid delivery and the audience was in stitches. The remaining comedians have a lot to live up to with their acts. A-

Miguel Dakota: Colorado’s native son closed out the night. Backed by a band, Miguel tackled one of the Beatles’ most recognizable songs: “Come Together.” His superb stage presence was impeccable and it was great seeing him perform with a live band. B+

My favorites from tonight’s live shows: Emily West, JD Anderson, Dan Naturman, David & Leeman and Baila Conmigo

Tomorrow night, the fortunate five are revealed as Enrique Iglesias provides the results show entertainment!

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