The second set of AGT: Season 16 Semifinalists Perform

Who impressed Heidi, Howie, Simon & Sofia on the second round of AGT: Season 16 semifinals? (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Tonight, the remaining America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 16 semifinalists performed for a chance to join Aidan Bryant, Dustin Tavella, Gina Brillon, Jimmie Herrod, and World Taekwondo Demonstration Team in the Season 16 finale. Which acts rose to the occasion? Did any of the judges (Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum) press their buzzers? Read on to find out!

After Terry Crews made his entrance and introduced the judges, it was time to get down to business! Singing trio 1aChord kicked off AGT. The North Carolina trio has become one of the season’s top music acts. Tonight, the trio covered The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” and they gave me goosebumps from the first note. Also, the choir was a nice touch. A

The last time the UniCycle Flow appeared on AGT, they needed the Judges’ Save to advance to the Season 16 semifinals. Tonight, the ladies performed their routine to Dua Lipa’s “Physical.” It was a solid routine. B

Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer act, Lea Kyle, is one of the last magic acts standing. However, with fellow magician Dustin Tavella already in the Season 16 finals, did the Quick Change Artist’s new presentation wow the audience? The fashionista blew me away with her quick change ability. This was a vast improvement from her last routine! Well done, Lea! A- 

Comedian Kabir Singh was the fourth act to appear on the AGT semifinals. The rising stand-up star has been working for Las Vegas for 12 years. After walking up to the stage with BTS’s “Butter,” he spoke about his girlfriend of four years, the dating scene, and his girlfriend’s hall pass- Jason “Samosa.” I loved Kabir’s set, and he never fails to make me laugh. Shame on Simon for buzzing him! B+ 

I am going to be bluntly honest. I would have buzzed Northwell Health Nurses Choir. They did not connect with me tonight. I rather have had Storm Large in their place. 

Seattle, Washington resident Peter Antoniou is the final mentalist left in this season’s AGT. Tonight, he talked about his work at a photo development lab. He asked Terry Crews to release a set of 2,000 photos from fans’ most intimate moments. After Terry selected the images and invited Simon to guard the envelope. I loved his interactions with the judges tonight. Despite taking a while to land the plane, I was amazed by the routine, and I could see him in Las Vegas. A- 

History-making Golden Buzzer act Victory Brinker is from a massive family with ten brothers and sisters. I love her attitude in this competition, and I was happy to see that she chose “Nessun Dorma” to sing for AGT. I was very impressed with the performance, and whatever happens this season, Victory has a bright future in the music industry. A- 

Dance troupe ChapKidz is the last dance group left on this current season ofAGT. In the previous quarterfinals, this group of dancers blew my expectations away from their previous performance. Tonight, I thought the group was okay. Would I pay money to see them in Vegas? Possibly, but I was not connected with them. B- 

I am going to be bluntly honest – Rialcris is a second-rate clone of the Messoudi Brothers. They did not impress me tonight. F

Comedian Josh Blue dedicated his performance to his kids: Simon and Seika. Tonight, Josh’s material talked about the Paralympics Soccer Team and I loved that he called out the constant clapping from the audience. I loved his performance from start to finish, and he made me smile so much.  A- 

Brooke Simpson had the honor of closing out the AGT semifinals. Tonight, her dreams of becoming the first indigenous pop star came closer to coming true. She performed Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” and knocked it out of the park. A+ 

Tomorrow night, the final set of AGT: Season 16 finalists will be revealed!

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